How To Use Dubsmash, Video Selfie App

Since its November 2014 release, the video selfie app Dubsmash has become a global phenomenon. The app has more than 10 million downloads on Google Play in just six months after it was released. The app has a total user base of 20 million people if we include users on other platforms.

The software is now extremely popular. If you’re still learning how to utilise DubsMash? Take heart. You can use this app by following the instructions in this step-by-step guide.

What is Dubsmash?

Dubsmash is essentially a video selfie app that enables users to record themselves while lip-syncing sound from any well-known movie, phrase, song lyrics, etc. All you have to do to begin dubbing is choose a sound from the enormous collection. When finished, you can share the clip on Facebook or WhatsApp or save it to your smartphone.

1. Download and Install

Visit here to get the app if you have an iPhone.

Visit this page to get the app if you use an Android device.

Windows users cannot yet access Dubsmash.

2. Language Preferences

The software will prompt you for your preferred language after installation. The programme will propose sounds you’ll need for making Dubs based on the language and area you choose.

3. Selecting Sound

Asound is the first item you’ll need for making your Dubsmash video. And now Dubsmash’s enormous sound collection appears. You can pick from the newest or most popular sounds. Additionally, you can look for the sound of a certain actor, movie, song, etc. If that’s still not enough, you may select from a variety of animal noises, cartoon character sounds, or even mood-based sounds like hilarious, romantic, etc.

With more than 20 million users, Dubsmash’s sound collection is constantly being updated by its users, so you can be fairly confident that there will be a wide selection of sounds available.

Make a Soundboard.

Soundboard is a feature that deserves praise. It enables you to keep and organise your favourite sounds so they don’t get lost in the platform’s vast collection of millions of sounds.

The sounds you desire can be added to your Soundboard. This is demonstrated in the screenshot below.

If you can’t find the right sound for your dub, you may record it or upload it from the media collection on your smartphone.

4. Creating Dub

It’s time to do the dub after you’ve finished with the sound. In actuality, your first dub won’t be flawless because your lips won’t match up with the sound perfectly, but don’t worry—just keep practising until you master the skill.

By selecting the icon shown in the screenshot below, you may switch the app’s default camera from the selfie camera to the rear camera.

While developing this guide, we discovered that while Dubsmash treats faces and other objects normally, it rotates written text 180 degrees.

5. Editing Dub

To dub, add text

Text can be included in your Dubsmash video. When your movie is prepared, simply type in the text you wish to include as seen in the screenshot below.

6. Sharing or Downloading Dub

Symbols and emoticons can also be added to Dubsmash videos in the same manner that text can. Please see the screenshot below for more clarification.

Your Dubsmash video can be downloaded to your smartphone or shared with friends via Facebook or WhatsApp after it is finished. You must register on Dubsmash in order to export your video in any of the aforementioned formats.

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