How to Use FaceTime on Your Windows PC

With the most recent iOS 15 and macOS Monterey updates, FaceTime has elevated itself to a top-tier video calling tool in numerous areas. It is quite popular because to recently added features like screen sharing during Facetime, Portrait Mode, and voice isolation. But the fact that FaceTime is now supported on Windows and Android appears to have everyone’s attention. And therefore it makes sense why so many users are ready to utilise FaceTime on Android and Windows smartphones. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use FaceTime on Windows in case you are intrigued to give it a try on your Windows computer.

How to Join FaceTime Calls on Windows PC (2021)

Let’s start by looking at some of the limitations and talking about what functions and what doesn’t in FaceTime for Windows. It will make it much simpler to set up and use FaceTime on Windows PCs. So with that said, let’s get started.

How Does FaceTime Work on Windows?

Call it a necessary move by the Cupertino company to counter the fierce competition from video conferencing programmes like Zoom and Google Meet, or call it an attempt by Apple to win over Windows customers. While the decision to make FaceTime available on Windows is significant, Apple has also imposed some limitations.

Many of you are probably asking how to instal the FaceTime programme on a Windows PC at this point. The answer is that you can’t. The only way to use Apple’s video calling software on Windows and Android is through a browser. Only Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome are supported by the video calling software on Windows.

Additionally, if you wish to begin a FaceTime meeting, you must first request a meeting link from a buddy who has an iPhone, iPad, or Mac and share it with you. Therefore, creating a FaceTime invite link on a Windows device is not possible. And only if you have the link will you be able to attend a meeting.

FaceTime for Windows, regrettably, does not support the much-discussed SharePlay feature, which adds to the list of limitations. Therefore, you are unable to join a FaceTime video conference to watch movies or listen to Apple Music with pals.

Briefly stated, FaceTime for Windows just allows you to attend a meeting using a link and provides simple settings like the ability to mute or unmute audio, enable or disable video, and use a grid layout. The sole positive aspect of these severe limitations is that you can now use FaceTime on your Windows computer to communicate with owners of Apple devices. And you can do it without setting up an Apple ID account.

How to Create a FaceTime Invite Link on Mac

You’ll need to ping a friend who has a Mac or iPhone, like I indicated above, and ask them to set up a meeting link so you can try FaceTime on Windows. If your acquaintance has a Mac, they can create and distribute a FaceTime invite link by following these instructions.

  1. Open the FaceTime app on your Mac and click on Create Link.

2. After that, select the tiny information button next to the FaceTime link you just created.

3. Next, select the Share option from the menu.

4. Next, decide how you want to share the FaceTime link. You have the option to share the link via the Messages and Apple Mail apps. Additionally, you can copy the meeting link and send it to others using messaging services like WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, and others.

How to Create a FaceTime Invite Link on iPhone and iPad

Here’s a brief reminder because I already went into detail on how to create a FaceTime invite link using an iOS device in our guide to making FaceTime calls between iPhone and Android.

To create a FaceTime call link, open the FaceTime app on your iOS device and tap the Create Link icon.

2. After that, click the info link that is displayed next to the FaceTime connection. Next, click the Share Link option on the following page.

3. Lastly, utilise your preferred way to invite a Windows user over FaceTime. You can share it using a variety of platforms, such as Messages, WhatsApp, email, Facebook Messenger, and more.

How to Use FaceTime on Your Windows PC

The procedure is the same for the recently released Windows 11 and older versions of Windows 8 and Windows 7 OS, but we are using a Windows 10 PC to demonstrate how FaceTime works on Windows.

You can easily join a FaceTime call on your Windows device after receiving the FaceTime meeting link. Simply adhere to the advice below:

  1. To get going, click on the FaceTime link and open it in Chrome or Edge browser.

2. Go to the FaceTime web experience, type your name, and click Continue.

3. After that, a pop-up window will ask you to grant the website permission to use your camera and microphone. requests access to your microphone and camera, according to the message. To provide FaceTime access to your Windows PC’s camera and microphone, click Allow on the pop-up window.

4. Next, ask the host to let you join the video call by clicking the green “Join” icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.

5. A request to allow you to join the conversation has been issued to the host, as shown by the aWaiting to be let insign, which you should see.

So that’s it. Once you are admitted, you can use FaceTime on your Windows PC to communicate with your pals. You can exit the meeting at any moment by clicking the red Exit button.

Customize FaceTime Controls on Windows

FaceTime provides Windows users with web-based access to a few fundamental controls for a better conversation experience. I’ll demonstrate how to adjust them.

Go to Full Screen: Whenever you wish to maximise the FaceTime window while on a call, click the maximise button. The FaceTime window can be minimised by clicking this button once more.

Mute FaceTime Call Audio: On your Windows PC, click the microphone button to mute or unmute the audio.

Turn Video On/Off: Click the video icon to turn on/off video during a call.

Grid Layout: Click the three dots button in the control centre to make all of the participants in a FaceTime call appear in the grid. The grid view can then be enabled or disabled by clicking the Grid Layouticon after that. To resume the Facetime call, click Done.

Note: While on the call, you can still share the FaceTime meeting links. Simply select the Share Link option after clicking the three dots icon. Share the link with your preferred contacts after that.

Add FaceTime Bookmark to Google Chrome on Windows PC

I advise adding a FaceTime bookmark to Google Chrome for convenient access if you frequently FaceTime friends or coworkers. You won’t need to search through emails or conversation threads repeatedly to get a meeting link if you do it this way. Additionally, you wouldn’t need to constantly generate fresh meeting links. You can start a meeting in a few clicks if you have the FaceTime bookmark available.

The duration of a FaceTime meeting link’s validity is unknown, but I can attest that it is still working after several days. While testing the function, I was able to use a two-week-old FaceTime link with my buddies on Android. So, saving the FaceTime link is a smart move.

1. To achieve that, open the FaceTime link in Chrome and select the star icon from the URL bar’s upper right corner. Select Add bookmark next.

2. Next, alter the bookmark to suit your purposes. I propose renaming it FaceTime to make it simpler to use constantly.

Note:Microsoft Edge makes it easy to add a website to your favourites list. Simply click the Add this page to favourites link in the address bar of Microsoft Edge after opening the FaceTime link. Rename the favourite after that, then click Done.

Add FaceTime Meeting Link As a Shortcut on Chrome Homepage

You may put a FaceTime meeting link as a shortcut on the Chrome homepage to get to it quickly. If you often use Chrome, you probably already know how simple the procedure is. Still, adhere to the instructions below.

1. Go to the Add Shortcut icon on the Google Chrome homepage.

2. Next, give your shortcut a good name and paste the URL of the FaceTime link that your friend gave you. Then click Done to finish.

3. That concludes it. This shortcut on the Chrome homepage now makes it quick and easy to join a FaceTime call with pals.

Tips to Use FaceTime on Windows Like a Pro

That’s basically it! Even while Windows users can’t access all of FaceTime’s much-discussed features, it’s now simpler to keep in touch with pals who own Apple products. That’s a great change that has finally occurred. We might soon see a more potent version of FaceTime on Windows because Apple has finally expressed interest in broadening its footprint beyond its walled garden. I’m crossing my fingers, though.

What do you think of FaceTime for Windows, and what improvements would you like to see? Please feel free to leave us a remark below with your ideas.