How to Use iMessage Effects in macOS Big Sur

With the release of macOS Big Sur, Apple has finally updated the Messages app for Mac users. The majority of the extras, like Memoji stickers and the incredibly fantastic screen and bubble effects from its iOS version, have been ported over to the standard messaging app as planned. It’s likely that if you enjoy using these effects on your iPhone, you’ll enjoy utilising iMessage effects in macOS Big Sur as well. Let me demonstrate how they operate.

How to Use iMessage Effects in macOS Big Sur

For those who are unaware, the first animated effects appeared in iOS 10 in 2016. They are quite well-liked by people who adore iMessaging, often known as blue bubbles, because they may bring a lot of entertaining components to texting.

Animated effects are used to brighten the communications experience overall. The messaging software has a variety of effects, including heart, balloons, confetti, fireworks, slam, lasers, loud, celebration, echo, spark, and spotlight, to guarantee that your toolbox is diverse enough to convey a range of emotions.

Additionally, there is a hidden link that gives your private message a little bit of secrecy. Keep it for the moments when you are communicating covertly with your loved ones. Additionally, the messaging application automatically initiates various effects when you transmit specific phrases (more about it after the jump). It’s time to start taking action now that you know what they have in store!

Automatically Trigger iMessage Effects on Mac

The Messages app automatically applies the relevant effects when you enter particular phrases like Pew Pew, Congrats, Congratulations, Happy Birthday, and Happy New Year. So, the next time you want to congratulate someone, just type these words into the appropriate fields and hit send. The appropriate effect will be automatically added by the app to liven up the chat.

Manually Send an iMessage with Different Effects

You can manually select from a variety of predefined animated effects whenever you wish to enhance the message’s atmosphere.

  1. Launch Messages app on your Mac.

2. Choose a current chat or start a new one now.

3. After that, compose a kind message that you want to send your friend. Next, select the App Store icon that is located to the left of the iMessage text box.

4. After that, choose Message Effects from the menu.

5. Depending on the message’s theme or your mood, choose the desired effect from a variety of possibilities, such as balloons, confetti, fireworks, love, and more.

If you want to send a really private message with a special message, go with the invisible link effect. Your iMessage will be obscured with invisible ink until the recipient clicks on it to make it visible.

6. After choosing your favourite effect, click the arrow to send the iMessage with that effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do You Send an iMessage with Effects on Mac?

As stated in the previous method, sending an iMessage with various effects like balloons, lasers, echo, and more is fairly simple. Simply start a discussion, type a message, select the App Store icon, and then select Message Effects. Select an effect and press the transmit button now.

Q. Can iMessages be Tracked?

No. Apple provides end-to-end encryption to protect iMessage from eavesdroppers. You shouldn’t worry about the security of your private messages given how seriously Apple takes security and privacy.

Q. How does iMessage Work on Mac?

IMessage functions flawlessly on Mac as well as other iDevices like the iPhone and iPad because it is tightly linked into the Apple ecosystem. They use the Internet to distribute messages, just like other messaging apps available.

Open the Messages app and input your Apple ID email address to get going. Select the phone number and email address you want to be reached at by clicking the Messages menu, Preferences, and Accounts tabs.

Q. Can You Get iMessage on Apple TV?

Unluckily, you can’t. But eventually, we anticipate Apple bringing it to Apple TV.

Use iMessage Effects to Light Up Messaging on Mac

These are the methods for adding flavour to Mac messaging using iMessage effects. I’m a huge fan of iMessaging, thus the addition of animated effects to macOS gets my approval. They have improved iMessaging even more.

In addition to the Messages app, Safari for macOS has received several fantastic upgrades, including the option to customise the start page and even create a unique background image. If you haven’t already, take a closer look at this useful feature. Also, don’t forget to talk about the Big Sur and what makes it unique.