How to Use Instagram Superzoom on Android or iOS

In the recent months, Instagram has added a tonne of new features, and as you would have predicted, a brand-new function called Superzoom has also arrived on Instagram. One of the more entertaining Instagram features I’ve used is the Superzoom tool, which is included into the in-app camera. It allows you to capture clear films of the camera focusing on someone’s face or any other object while by default playing scary music in the background. With the help of this new function, you may add some lighthearted, entertaining, and original films to Instagram Stories to complement your everyday activities.

Use Instagram Superzoom Feature on Android or iOS

On my Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 running Android 6.0, I tested the Superzoom feature on Instagram v (stable), and it worked flawlessly. iOS devices may also use the functionality.

Here are the steps you need to do to create a Superzoom video and share it with your friends if you’re in the mood for some entertainment and want to make your pals laugh at jerky zoom videos:

1. Launch the Instagram app, then tap the camera icon in the upper left corner. The new Superzoom feature is now located between the Boomerang and Rewind buttons in the recording options available below the shutter button.

3. At this point, you must hit the circular shutter button to trigger an automatic 3-second Superzoom video that will be posted to your Instagram story. However, if you press the shutter button repeatedly, you may capture a 15-second Superzoom that zooms in on the subject slowly and extensively. Here is a brief close-up of our Tony Stark bobblehead:

4. From here, you can choose between sharing the Superzoom video with your followers by adding it to your Story or sending it to your friends as a Direct Message. You are free to save the same so that you can upload it somewhere else, like as a GIF.

Although it is encouraging to see Instagram introduce a new creative style, zooming movies may still be made without the Superzoom feature. To zoom, all you have to do is keep the shutter button depressed while dragging your finger vertically across the screen. Although the movie will be zoomed in, the stutter effect and tense music might not be there.


Instagram Superzoom: Extremely up-close But Fun

It now joins the ranks of well-liked Instagram features like Boomerang GIFs, Hyperlapse, and Layout for creating collages, which further fuels the meme culture. You can use Superzoom to get up close and personal with your subject, whether it’s a friend, a soda can, or anything else that happens to be in the area. With the zooming and tense music in the backdrop of the video, you can even make a crow sitting on your porch look spooky.

Superzoom is a lot of fun to play with, and we should expect Instagram Stories to be overrun with these close-ups. Are you eager to share Superzooms with your followers at random? Comment here with your thoughts on this original feature.