How to Use Midjourney AI?

Some of the eye-catching photos on the internet were not made by people anymore. Yes, AI tools are now used to perform this work. Well, the development of images is undoubtedly a significant application of AI tools. Utilizing textual descriptions supplied by the user, photographs can be produced with these techniques in a matter of minutes. Even though it can be entertaining to watch your ideas come to life on the screen, there are times when it comes in quite handy.

In this scenario, Midjourney AI is one example of an AI image-creation tool that quickly gained popularity among young people. However, a lot of users are unable to use the Midjourney AI. So that’s why we’re here, I suppose. We’ll go over some of the key instructions in this post so you can use Midjourney AI to produce any image with ease. Therefore, let’s begin the guide.


What Is Midjourney AI?

An independent research facility in San Francisco called Midjourney, Inc. creates generative artificial intelligence software. It generates graphics using natural language descriptions in a manner akin to OpenAI’s DALL-E and Stable Diffusion. In July 2022, it began its open beta testing phase. However, they initially released its Alpha version 4 in November 2022.

Is the midjourney free?

Users have the option to test out Midjourney’s services for nothing. 25 photos can be created for free, after which users can select between two plans.

The entry-level subscription is $10 per month. With this subscription, users can produce up to 200 photos each month. Once customers have produced 200 photos, they can produce 60 further images for $4 each. Additionally, you can acquire free buddy permits and browse the member gallery.

The basic membership includes free buddy passes, access to the member gallery, and unlimited personal users. Additionally, it gives the customer 900 minutes of fast time so they can create photographs as rapidly as possible. Both options include the option to add private visibility for an extra $20 per month.

How to Use Midjourney AI?

You can utilize the midjourney AI if you want to experience the world of AI by translating your ideas into tangible representations. However, you can try out the necessary actions listed below if you have no prior experience using the midjourney AI. So let’s begin by talking about them:

Step 1: Sign Up For Discord

Midjourney only functions in discord. Unfamiliar users won’t be shocked to hear that Discord is a collaboration service akin to Teams or Slack. Discord can be used by corporations and other interest groups to create communities and chat, despite being usually linked to gaming.

You can easily and freely converse with individuals on Discord, and you are under no obligation to do so. After signing up for Discord, visit the Midjourney website and click “Join The Beta” to participate in the beta. You will then receive an invitation to join the Midjourney Discord server in this way.


Step 2: Join the Proper Discord Channel

To sign up for a Midjourney plan, go to a newcomer room (named something like #newbies-112 or #newbies-142). Simply enter your email address in the message field and press return. You can communicate with Discord bots like Midjourney with this slash command. Simply expressing your interest in subscribing to Midjourney is all that you are doing.

You’ll receive a request to enroll in a Midjourney plan. 200 photos are generated each month under the Basic Plan, and 1,800 photographs are generated each month under the Pro Plan. The Basic Plan ranges in price from $10 to $60 per month. After registering, return to Discord. You may now proceed.

Step 3: Generate Your First Image

Enter/imagine entering the Discord chat for your newbie’s room when you’re ready. You will be asked to provide a description of the picture. If you are more specific with your description, it will be simpler for the AI to generate effective results.

Be specific in your description, and if you have a certain style in mind, mention it. There shouldn’t be a problem if you keep everything tidy. A few rules and regulations must be adhered to. Additionally, click Enter once your prompt is finished.

Step 4: Edit Images Using Upscaling And Variations

Midjourney will give you four alternate interpretations of your prompt after contemplating it for a moment. There will be a number of options for buttons that the AI can press to indicate what to do next.

Next to each image, there are UandVbuttons that correspond to images one through four. The selected image will be upscaled into a larger, higher-quality version when the U button is hit. You can edit your chosen image again by using the V button. You can generate a fresh set of photos using the same question if you choose the refresh option. Remember that all of these comments will consume your available prompts. When upscaling an image, there are numerous alternatives available.


A photograph can be upscaled in a variety of ways, such as by adding more variations, increasing the size to its maximum, or redoing the upscale. Emojis can be used to assess pictures as well. Using this tool, you can provide rankings to pictures you’ve made or pictures other people have made.

There is a bot channel on Midjourney’s Discord that you can utilize to subscribe if you intend to use the service frequently. Review the documentation, which offers a comprehensive range of commands and guidance on making photos, if you intend to use Midjourney in the long run.

Step 5: Send The Image to Yourself

There it is. Now that you’ve used Midjourney AI to produce your fictitious image, it’s time to save it to your device. So, to send the image to yourself in a private chat, just use the envelope emoji. Download it from there after that.

How to Find My Midjourney Images on Discord?

Users of Discord frequently lose their photos in the never-ending barrage of messages. Try these three solutions to this frequent issue:

  • To see all of your images, use the Midjourney web app.
  • In the Discord chat, go to the inbox tab and select mentions in order to check all your mentions.
  • For a private conversation with the bot, click the direct messages button and select Midjourney Bot, and send the images you have created there.


A Discord server is used to host Midjourney. To design pictures, you must utilize Discord bot commands. Additionally, because it is hosted on Discord, you must first join the official Discord server. Midjourney produces images of high quality.

Please provide your thoughts in the comment section below if you have any on how to use the Midjourney AI. Additionally, for video instructions, please subscribe to our DigitBin YouTube page. Cheers!