How to Use SHAREfactory to Edit Gameplay Videos on PS4

Have you ever been playing a PS4 game when you suddenly did something incredible, but your friends weren’t present to see it? If so, have you ever wondered how awesome it would have been if you could have shared it with them? The PlayStation Store, fortunately, has a solution for you. Sony gives its customers the option to alter their gameplay videos using the potent yet no-cost SHAREfactory tool. Although the tool is fairly robust, many users are unaware of how to use it to its fullest potential. As a result, we are presenting to you today our tutorial on how to use SHAREfactory on your PS4:

Record Your Gameplay Footage

The first step in using the SHAREfactory app is to record your gameplay, which you can then edit. Open the game you want to record, then press the DualShock 4 Controller’s SHARE button twice until the recording icon appears in the top left corner. Record for as long as you like, then end recording by pressing the SHARE button to store the gameplay to your system storage.

Start a New Project in SHAREfactory

Open the SHAREfactory app once the recording is finished. We shall now begin a fresh project that we will be working on. You can use numerous screenshots from the gallery or even movies. Simply select the New Projecttab to proceed. The next screen you see will first show you a number of different themes. Select the topic of your choice. You will then be prompted to give your project a name. Please be aware that you may use any name, but only up to 24 characters.

Edit Gameplay in SHAREfactory

The timeline for your project will now be shown to you. With the aid of SHAREfactory, you can now apply a variety of effects to it. To edit the video clips and add stuff to your timeline, simply hit the SQUARE button on your Dualshock 4 Controller. You can now change your video clips in a variety of ways, some of which are described below:

  • Change The Playback Speed of The Video

To alter the playback speed of the footage you wish to modify, use SHAREfactory. By skipping frames or mixing frames, you can change how quickly or slowly the video plays. To do this, adhere to the instructions below:

To view the altering choices for your clip, press the SQUARE button on your controller. Select the Time Bender option after that.

2. After that, you’ll see a screen where you can switch the Play Speed from 1/8th to 8x. The option to select the effect you want to employ to adjust the speedStep or Smooth is also available.

3. Once you’ve decided the options you want to use, click the X button to carry on and make the modifications.

  • Add Voiceovers

It’s nice to share your gaming videos, but wouldn’t it be awesome to also include your commentary? The good news is that SHAREfactory’s users can easily achieve that. You can do this by taking the actions listed below:

Note:Before you begin, confirm that your PS4 is linked to a microphone (it could be an external mic or your earphones with a mic).

1. To begin, open SHAREfactory’s timeline view, hit the X button on your DualShock 4 Controller, and choose Add Track 2. Next, navigate the timeline to the point where you want your voiceover to start by using the Touchpad on your controller.

2. To continue, click the X button on your controller after you have chosen your position. The options to record video, record audio, or add a clip will be provided to you. To perform basic voiceovers, chooseRecord Audio. A PS4 Camera must be attached to the PS4 in order to select Record Video and add video commentary to it. After you’ve made your choice, your screen will display a countdown timer before your recording starts. Start your commentary as soon as the recording screen displays and the video is playing on the left side of the screen. Simply hit the X button on your controller to cease recording once you are finished with the commentary, or press the O button to pause the recording and restart it.

3. That concludes it. Once finished, a timeline view with a yellow track line beneath a blue track line will be displayed. Your original clip is represented by the blue track line, and the voiceover is represented by the yellow track line (track 2). To save your changes and return to the main timeline screen to further edit or add features to your clip, simply hit the O button on your controller.

  • Other Edits You Can Make

By dividing the clip, trimming it, moving it on the timeline, deleting or adding clips, rotating and zooming the various clips, modifying any overlays, and adjusting the clip volume, to name a few other options, you may further change the clips using the SHAREfactory software. For the clips on your timeline, you can also add a variety of sound tracks, images, overlays, filters, and transitions.

Exporting Your Video

After you’ve finished making all the necessary modifications to your video, you can either share it instantly online by clicking the Triangle button on your DualShock 4 Controller, or you may save it to your System Storage by pressing the Options button. Depending on your selection, the video will be generated and either be saved to your system storage or you can continue sharing it online.

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Use SHAREfactory to Edit & Share Gameplay Videos in PS4

Everyone enjoys bragging about their gaming skills, especially to their fellow gamers. Whatever you accomplish in this world will not be legendary if your buddies are present. SHAREfactory demonstrates to be a straightforward yet effective application for customers to accomplish this. Sharing a personalised movie is always going to be preferable to sharing simple RAW footage of your games. So, download the SHAREfactory software to your PS4, PS4 Slim, or PS4 Pro and give it a try. Then, let us know what you think and if you have any questions in the comments area below.