How to Use Snow, the Snapchat Like App

Everyone wants and needs to be able to download things from the internet quickly. Naturally, having more internet bandwidth is essential for faster downloads, but there are other ways to get faster internet as well. The instructions in the guide below will help you speed up your Google Chrome browser’s downloads.

Google DNS usage:

Setting up Snow on your iPhone or Android smartphone

Domain Name System, or DNS, converts a website’s readable domain name to an IP address that is readable by computers. Additionally, while using DNS for download may not be the best option, it could speed up the process. You can increase your download speed by using a third-party DNS address. Follow the instructions below to configure DNS in your Google Chrome browser.

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Use the Snow app

Verify Prefetch is turned on:

Prefetch is a network action prediction tool that speeds up page opening. You may speed up downloads in the Google Chrome browser by using the prefetch settings. When the prefetch settings are enabled, the Chrome browser’s web pages can load more quickly and efficiently, which can aid in your download. For the settings, adhere to the procedures below.

  • Send a Snap/Video

Read more about how to modify the default destination for files downloaded using the Chrome browser.

  • Share a Snap/Video

Flag for concurrent downloading:

Enabling Parallel download on your Google Chrome browser is another way to speed up downloads. The actions listed below can be used to enable the parallel download flag settings.

  • Chat with your friends

Extension for Turbo Download Manager:

Installing the Chrome extension for the turbo download manager is simple. Additionally, the Chrome extension’s features include the ability to pause, stop, and resume multiple downloads. The download speed issue in Google Chrome can be fixed and the speed can also be increased by adding turbo download. The addon can also assist in saving photos from websites and extract audio from videos. The steps to add Turbo Download Manager to Chrome are listed below.

Try the Snow app, if you want a Snapchat clone

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