How to Use Stage Channels on Discord

We read rumours last month that Discord was developing Stage Channels, a new Clubhouse-like feature that would let users to create and join live audio rooms. Now that Discord has made the feature public, it is available on Windows 10, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and the web app. You will learn how to establish and use Stage Channels on Discord in this tutorial.

Use Stage Channels on Discord

Before we get started, it’s important to note that Stage Channels are only accessible on community servers. As a result, we’ll also demonstrate how to convert your present server into a community server.

What is a Discord Community Server?

Community servers are servers designed to serve a community, as their name implies. It is equipped with strong moderating capabilities and insights in contrast to a regular server. To convert your server to a community server, there are few prerequisites. To use the server, members must have a validated email address. Separate channels are required for rules and community updates, and the servers must enable explicit media content restrictions for channels.

Enable Community Server

1. Click on your server name in the upper left corner and select Server settings to convert your Discord server to a community server.

2. From the Server settings page, select the Community tab in the left sidebar and then click the Enable Community section. When you arrive here, select Get Started.

3. Complete the community server configuration page and click Finish Setup when finished. In this procedure, placeholder channels for announcements and rules are automatically created.

Create Stage Channel on Discord

1. You can now create a stage channel on Discord since you have a community server. Click the + symbol in the voice channel section to accomplish that.

2. Select Stage Channel as the channel type, then type the channel’s name into the Channel Name text box. The next step is to click Next.

3. After that, you can decide to add stage moderators. Other speakers in the session may be added or removed by the stage moderators. Additionally, they are able to launch a stage channel. It is important to note that stage moderators are not required to be server moderators.

4. Discord will prompt you to choose a conversation topic as soon as you create a Stage Channel. Click on Open the Stage after entering a pertinent topic name.

Using Stage Channel on Discord

1. Server users can instantly enter the audio room from the left sidebar while there is an active stage channel. To participate in the conversation, members can also select the stage channel from the voice channel area.

2. Participants automatically begin as listeners. Discord neatly divides speakers and audience into different parts, as shown in the screenshot below.

3. On Discord, you can Request to Speak if you are a listener by clicking the hand raise button at the bottom of the Stage Channel display.

4. After receiving a talk request notification, stage moderators can decide whether to call you up to the stage.

5. You can click the Move to Audience option to switch back to being a listener if you no longer desire to be the speaker.

6. As a stage moderator, you can right-click a user’s name and select Disconnect from Stage to kick them out of the stage channel.

7. The Exit Quietly button on Discord lets you leave the stage channel at any moment.

Try Stage Channels on Your Discord Server

That concludes the information required to use Discord’s new Stage Channels functionality. While it’s undeniable that Discord has borrowed some strategies from Clubhouse, Stage Channel will be helpful for users who value the adaptability of live audio rooms. It will give creators a platform to interact with their audience through live audio conversations. While you’re here, make sure to read our articles on the best Discord music bots, how to add bots to your Discord server, and helpful Discord bots to improve your server.