How to Use The New Magic Eraser Tool On Snapchat

Recently, Snapchat released a significant update that may alter how we use the wildly popular app. Unlimited snaps, looping movies, and other intriguing tools have been added as new additions to the app in an effort to keep users interested. The new Magic Eraser tool, which enables you blur out a specific area of the picture that you might not want people to view, was one of the new features that attracted our attention. Although it’s more simpler, the method functions quite similarly to Adobe Lightroom’s spot removal tool. Thus, if you’re curious, you undoubtedly want to know how to use Snapchat’s new magic eraser tool on Android or iPhone:

Using The New Magic Eraser Tool On Snapchat

You must first download the most recent version of Snapchat from the ITunes Store or Play Store. Afterwards, just adhere to the guidelines below to begin erasing photos on your device:

  • Once you open the Snapchat application, you re directly taken to the camera. Now, take a random snap and just tap on the scissor icon.
  • Once done, tap on on the Magic tool indicated by stars icon.
  • Now that you re done with that, you can blur out any portion of the picture by simply swiping on the particular area. For instance, I m trying to remove the Alienware logo on my laptop, so i ll just swipe over the area where the logo is located.
  • Once done, wait for a few seconds for the magic to happen. Then, you ll notice the blurred area on your snap. Snapchat replaces the blurred area with colors that match the area to make sure that the blur isn t easily noticeable.

That’s pretty much it, then. I don’t think I’ll need to transfer photos to my computer and edit them with Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom in the future. But, keep in mind that, unlike Photoshop, it simply blurs the specific area, and anyone who looks at the photo will be able to tell.

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Blur Unwanted Objects With Snapchat s Magic Eraser Tool

If you’re in a rush to send the picture but don’t want someone to see a certain section of the snap, the Snapchat eraser feature might be quite helpful. Who has the time to upload photos to a computer and edit them in Photoshop? We certainly don’t, and we’re confident that a lot of you would concur. If you work as a professional image editor, this programme might not interest you at all. Therefore, just leave a few lines in the comments box below to share your thoughts on this new useful Snapchat function.