How to Use the New Place Command in Minecraft

The labour of love that goes into creating the best custom Minecraft maps unites them all. You must physically move or create the existing structures on your map even if you want to use them. If there was a straightforward method to have them appear anywhere you want. Fortunately for all map makers, that is precisely what Minecraft adds to the game, and it is what we will be covering today. The new /place command is one of the less well-known additions to the most recent Minecraft 1.19 release. You can put buildings, features, and much more anywhere in your Minecraft world by using the place command. The nicest aspect is that it’s easy to use, unlike other Minecraft commands. Let’s learn how to use Minecraft’s new place command now that that is out of the way.

Use Place Command in Minecraft (2022)

Unfortunately, the new put command’s incredible capability is only available in the Java edition. Therefore, in order to get the enhanced command, Bedrock users must wait for the parity update. To examine all the game dynamics related to the place command in Minecraft, feel free to utilise the table below if you happen to be one of the fortunate Java users.

What is /Place Command in Minecraft?

One of the most potent new commands in Minecraft 1.19 is the /place option, which enables you to place any in-game component wherever you like. In this case, the feature might be anything from a biome’s items to creatures to in-game structures.

The /placefeature command from versions of Minecraft 1.18 and prior has been replaced by the /place command. However, the put command in Minecraft also gives us a tonne of intriguing new functionality while replacing it. Only things from various biomes and areas may be placed at certain locations using the placefeature command that was previously available. However, you can perform the following tasks with the new place command:

  • Spawn any in-game structure at any coordinate in the game
  • Place world features under certain conditions
  • Place jigsaws (explained below) of structures at any coordinates
  • Use in-game templates to build structures or just their selected segments

Continue reading because we will discuss how to use the put command for each of these options in a subsequent section. But first, let’s discuss how to make /place commands available in the game.

How to Use Commands in Minecraft

In some ways, Minecraft commands are like game cheats. Therefore, you must enable cheats in your world in order to utilise the new /place command. To activate cheats in Minecraft, follow these instructions:

1. Launch your Minecraft world first, then hit Esc to access the pause menu. Next, select the Open to LAN button.

2. After that, turn on the Allow Cheats option. After that, press the Start LAN World button. Returning to your Minecraft world after doing so will allow you to freely use commands.

Please be aware that if you use the LAN options, your world becomes a temporary local server. They can take advantage of this opportunity to join your server if there are other players on your LAN network. However, it only functions if you give them access to your in-game port address.

Things You Can Make with Place Command

There are three methods to utilise the place command. Let’s discuss each of them in turn.

How to Place Structures in Minecraft

Structures in the game refer to finished buildings as well as collections of buildings. Villages, Pillager places, and even the new Ancient City are included in the term. You can position any of the in-game structures at specific coordinates by using the /place command.

Desert village spawned in the ocean with the /place command in Minecraft

Do bear in mind that due to certain spawn requirements, not every structure may spawn at every place. For instance, building a desert pyramid over water is impossible. However, despite the strange appearance of the scene, you may spawn a desert settlement in the water. As a result, you will need to check whether certain blocks work in specific areas. However, putting the buildings in their native biomes is the most secure option.

Place World Features Anywhere

Everything in the game that isn’t a structure or a living mob is referred to in the features option for the /place command. That covers everything from blocks to trees. In Minecraft, you may practically anywhere you want to place features using the /place command.

Azalea tree placed in water with the /place command in Minecraft

These global features, however, cannot be placed anyplace, just like structures. They must work with the Minecraft biome you intend to use for that feature. For instance, it is not possible to grow underwater plants above water.

What is Jigsaw in Minecraft

The numerous pieces of any in-game construction are referred to as “jigsaw pieces.” You can use the jigsaw option in Minecraft’s place command to generate any individual pieces or even entire buildings anywhere in the game.

Streets of snowy village placed with the /place command in Minecraft

For instance, you can utilise the jigsaw option in the /place command to spawn enormous constructions like old cities or villages above oceans, where they obvioulsy have no place. The jigsaw option is unconcerned about the structure’s compatibility with different biomes, in contrast to the structure option. However, because of its more complicated usage, players may need to invest some time in learning how to utilise it effectively.

Use Templates to Make Structures

Floating double taiga village hut generated with the /place command in Minecraft

The Jigsaw feature has an easy replacement since it is both potent and challenging to use, according to the creators. In Minecraft 1.19, you can perform practically all of the functions of the jigsaw option without the need for intricate code by using the template option of the put command. You can spawn any structure at any position in the game using ready-to-use command templates. It doesn’t care whether the structure and the spawn place are compatible, just like the jigsaw option.

How to Use /Place Command in Minecraft

The fundamental options and associated syntaxes for the place command in Minecraft will be covered first. The following parts each have a dedicated section where you may learn more about the advanced options.

Syntax of Feature and Structure Options

You must open the in-game chat in order to use the place command, and you must type it correctly. The following syntaxes can be used for basic options:

  • /place feature feature name
    Example: /place feature minecraft:mangrove
    This command places a Mangrove tree at your current location.
  • /place structure structure name
    Example: /place structure minecraft:village_snowy
    This command places a snowy village at your current location.

How to Use Place Jigsaw Command

After addressing the simple alternatives, we’ll concentrate on the place command’s jigsaw option, which is somewhat more difficult. However, it doesn’t take into account compatibility requirements, thus you can put anything in your Minecraft world. It is the put command’s most potent option.

The syntax for the jigsaw option is as follows:

  • /place jigsaw structure source anchor coverage number
    Example: /place jigsaw minecraft:village/snowy/streets bottom 7
    This command will generate only the streets of a snowy village near you at its full scale.

The target structure you are trying to generate is covered by the structure source in this case. The size of the region that the structure can cover is determined by the coverage, with a range of 1 to 7, with 7 being the largest and safest value. The anchor is a string in the structure file’s NBT tag, and this is where things become tricky.

You can’t use the game to automatically complete the jigsaw option’s anchor piece. So, to discover NBT information on each construction, you will need to consult Minecraft Wikit. If that seems like too much labour, though, you can rely on the put command’s template option.

How to Use Place Template Command

The jigsaw option isn’t likely to be a fan favourite because of its complicated syntax, as you would have anticipated. Fortunately, the developers are aware of this and have provided us with the template option to address it. The template option is for you if you don’t want to customise your constructions and simply want to spawn the already-built ones at will.

The syntax for the template option is as follows:

  • /place template template name
    Example: /place template minecraft:ancient_city/city/entrance/entrance_path_5
    This command places an ancient city entrance next to your current location. Unlike other options, it can also place structures in the air, which can come in handy for building floating cities and bases.

Start Using the Place Command in Minecraft

The put command is an effective tool for experimenting with your Minecraft base design or making original maps. However, enormous authority also entails great responsibility. This command has the potential to crash your game and render your world unloadable if used improperly. Therefore, exercise cautious until you are familiar with the best Minecraft commands. As an alternative, you can choose the greatest Minecraft modifications to obtain comparable potent powers in-game without having to type a single line of command. However, in order to use the mods, Forge must be installed in Minecraft. However, it is still simpler to understand than the place command’s jigsaw option. Having stated that, what other kind of command in Minecraft does not make sense to you? If you let us know in the comments section below, we’ll make it simpler for you to use.