How to Use Twitter Spaces (Complete Guide)

Twitter’s live audio rooms featureSpaces was made available to iOS users in a private beta in December 2020. Since then, the company has made the capability available to all Android and iPhone customers worldwide. You’ve come to the right place if you’re curious about Twitter Spaces or want to know if you should use the feature. Everything you need to know about using Twitter Spaces, including how to create, join, and use the feature, has been covered in this post.

Use Twitter Spaces on Android and iOS (Updated March 2022)

What is a Twitter Space?

A feature on the platform called Twitter Spaces, which is similar to Clubhouse, allows you to start or join live audio rooms. Creators don’t have to deal with the difficulty of establishing a new audience or following in order to interact with their Twitter followers because the feature is directly incorporated into Twitter.

Currently, Twitter Spaces is accessible via the web, iOS, and Android. However, for the time being, only mobile apps can currently be used to find active Spaces via the dedicated Spaces menu. Your Twitter Spaces can be scheduled, and the Space session can even be recorded.

Twitter Spaces are by default public. Anyone on Twitter is able to join your Space as a result. However, you can disable the microphone and invite people to participate just as listeners, or you can leave it up to them to decide. Despite being unable to host a Space themselves, accounts with shielded tweets can still participate in those that are. If a Space session expires, you can no longer access it. Twitter will keep copies of the audio and captions for 30 days though.

According to Twitter, a Space may support up to 11 simultaneous speakers, including the host. Additionally, there is no restriction on the number of listeners, and you can simultaneously invite hundreds or thousands of your followers. At the top of the timeline in the now-dead Fleets section, your followers will notice an active Space session.

Start a Twitter Space Session

1. Tap on the + floating button in the bottom right corner and select Spaces from the list of options to launch a Twitter Space.

2. Twitter will now prompt you to give the Space a name and choose a subject for it.

You can select up to three themes by tapping Add Topics to aid others in finding your Space. You have the option of recording the Space so that others can listen afterwards.

How to Schedule Twitter Spaces

3. After selecting the topic and your choices for session recording, give your Space a name, then hit the Start your Space button to launch it.

If scheduling your Space is something you’d like to do, you can. In the Space creation interface, click the calendar button, select the proper day and hour, and then press Next.

Configure Twitter Space Settings

A later-scheduled space may be modified or cancelled at your discretion. To do that, touch the calendar button once more and choose Edit. You now have the option of altering the Space’s timetable or removing it altogether.

1. Your microphone will be disabled when you first establish a Space.

Tap on the mic button in the bottom left to turn on the microphone.

Invite Users to Your Twitter Space

2. Select Adjust options from the horizontal three-dot menu to enable or view captions.

3. To decrease the Space, tap the down arrow that is located over the heading. In this manner, you can browse your feed while listening to a Space session. Additionally, it is important to note that even if you go to another app, you won’t lose connection with a Space.

Join an Ongoing Twitter Space

1. There are three ways to invite others to your Space. You can copy the URL and share it on other sites, tweet the Space link, or send the invitation using Twitter direct messages. Tap the Share button in the Space UI to perform any of these actions.

2. In the Guests area, you may manage attendees. You can view speakers, listeners, and authorise listener requests to talk from this point.

How to Record Your Twitter Spaces

1. At the top of your timeline, if you’re following the Space host, you’ll notice a purple Space indicator. You can hit it with a tap. Join in to participate. You can join as a speaker or listener, but before you can speak in the Space, the host must authorise your speak request.

Download Recorded Spaces

2. In Twitter Spaces, you can express your feelings using emoji reactions rather than by speaking. To do this, hit the emoji button (the heart with a plus icon) in the bottom right corner and select an emoji from the list (unfortunately, there are no furious reactions). The emoji response will be shown to everyone on your Space avatar.

You have the option to record the full session before starting the Space. You are ready to go once you turn on the Record Space toggle. You have the option to tweet and share your recorded Space with your followers, and the public recording is accessible for 30 days. To download your recorded Twitter Space within 30 days, read the following section.

We will have to rely on unapproved solutions to download Spaces because Twitter automatically deletes your recordings after 30 days. The SpaceDownloader bot is one practical approach to download your Spaces. As long as you are the host, the bot allows you to download a recorded Space. Through this bot, listeners cannot download previously broadcast Spaces—possibly to prevent intellectual property breaches. Here’s how to download your Twitter Space session to create a podcast episode if you are the presenter and have recorded it.

1. Tweet your recorded space and include a reply with @SpaceDownloaderbot. You will see the bot’s automated response telling you that the download link will be created and shared over DMs in 5 minutes within a few seconds. If your Twitter DM privacy settings have changed, make sure you follow the bot.

How to Play Recorded Spaces

2. You can click the download link to play or download the Space to your phone once it appears in your Twitter DM.

3. Tap the vertical three-dot icon and choose Download to download the Space. Tap Download once more from the confirmation prompt to save the Twitter Space recording locally on your device.

End a Twitter Space Session

If you couldn’t attend live or want to listen again later, you can tune in to recorded Spaces. Tap the Play recording button on a shared Spaces tweet to start playing a recorded Space, and Twitter will launch the Spaces playback UI. You can opt to bookmark the tweet and play it whenever you want for the duration of its 1-month availability to rapidly access a recorded Space.

The interface provides a number of playback settings, such as the ability to play or pause the Spaces recording, seek the video by 15 seconds, modify playback speed, subtitles, and more. Twitter additionally allows for background playback, so you may switch to another application and go on working while listening to a recorded session.

Find Active Twitter Spaces to Listen to

1. You can hit the End button to close the Spaces window once you’re ready to end the conversation. Tap Yes, End when the warning window appears to confirm.

2. By tapping the Leave button in the top right corner of Spaces, listeners can quickly leave the environment at any time. When the host concludes the conversation, everyone is immediately expelled from the space.

You can now find active audio rooms on Twitter using a dedicated tab. Only Twitter’s iOS and Android mobile apps now offer the feature, however it is soon anticipated that it will also be available on the Twitter website.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. You may browse the active Spaces that might catch your interest by going to the Spaces tab on the Twitter app’s bottom navigation bar.

2. Twitter’s search feature is yet another fantastic resource for finding active Spaces. It works on the web as well; all you have to do is type into the search box. To view a list of active Twitter Spaces, click this link. It should go without saying that using this strategy, you can only find Spaces that have been tweeted about.

How many listeners can fit in a space?

The maximum number of persons who can attend a Space has not been disclosed by Twitter. There is no cap on the number of listeners, according to the corporation.

Why am I unable to create Spaces on Twitter?

Update the Twitter mobile app to the most recent version from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store if you are unable to start, join, or discover Spaces.

Use Twitter Spaces to Participate in Discussions

How can I remove Spaces from Twitter?