How to View All Photos in Messages Threads on iPhone and iPad

While Whatsapp continues to be the most widely used messaging software across all platforms, iMessage grabs the top spot for iOS devices. And with good reason—messaging Apple’s service is tightly linked with its overall ecosystem. The standard messaging app gives you the freedom to communicate whatever you choose, whether that be by sending wacky Animojis and Memojis, rib-tickling GIFs, or images and videos. But have you ever needed to know how to access all of your photographs in Messages threads on an iPhone or iPad but weren’t sure how? If so, read on to learn how to control the iMessage-based photographs and videos you’ve shared.

View All Photos in Messages Threads on iOS

You may view the shared photos and videos of each chat thread in iMessage. So, based on your requirements, you can check the download size of each image and go into a particular conversation thread. Additionally, you have the choice to save and even share a photograph.

  1. Launch the Messages app on your iPhone and iPad.

2. Navigate to the conversation thread where the shared photographs are located.

3. After that, tap the contact’s name in the top-center corner.

4. After that, tap the Infobutton.

5. Select the See All option after continuing to scroll down. You should now be able to access the complete collection of screenshots and shared images. Then, peruse every page of the library to see your pictures.

It’s important to remember that you can save and share the individual image. Click the Share button, then select Store Image to save it to your photo collection or share it with others using your preferred method.


  • To let you easily navigate all of your photos/videos and other media, iMessage features three tabs named All, Photos, Screenshots.
  • By default, All is selected. So, you can tap on the respective tab to dive into the specific section.

6. Tap the list view button to see all the shared photographs in a list view. You should see a list of all the images and videos, together with their file sizes, on the following screen.


  • Unfortunately, iMessage doesn t offer a way to delete the unwanted photos from the list view.
  • If you want to get rid of all the useless images, head into the Settings app -> General -> iPhone/iPad -> Messages. Now, tap on Photos/Videos and then hit the Edit button at the top right corner.
  • After that, select the images you want to remove and hit the delete button.

That’s basically it!

View All Photos in Messages Threads on iPhone and iPad

The photographs and videos in iMessage threads can all be viewed in this manner, then. Make the most of this secret function to not only revive the nostalgia but also prevent the pointless photographs from piling up on your iOS device’s storage space now that you know how to view them.

Apple significantly enhanced the basic messaging app in iOS 14. It has become more useful with the addition of features like pinning and mentioning. What do you think about the Messages app, and what improvements would you like to see? Post your ideas in the comments section.