How to View Liked Posts on Instagram

Every day, the typical user will view hundreds of postings on the photo and video-sharing website. You could find it challenging to view the same post again unless you actively save or like the ones you want to revisit. The good news is that makes it simple for you to see all of the posts you’ve liked so far. Not only that, but we’ll also explain how to view posts that your pals have liked.

Check Liked Posts on (2022)

View Posts You Have Liked on Instagram

1. Click on the hamburger menu in the top-right corner of your profile after opening it using the bottom navigation bar. Pick Your activity from the pop-up menu that opens.

2. To browse the posts you’ve liked, press Interactions and then choose Likes.

3. You will now view all of the posts, including photographs, videos, and Reels, that you have liked thus far. You can filter posts from a certain user or arrange these posts from newest to oldest or vice versa. To apply the filters, all you have to do is click the Sort & filter button in the top-right corner.

See Your Friend s Liked Posts on Instagram

While we’ve talked about how to view liked posts through your account, some of you may be asking if there’s a way to view what your friends have liked on . Actually, has a Following tab that displayed a list of all liked posts through October 2019.

Image Courtesy: Twitter/@alex193a

Although we now lack a way to verify which posts have been liked by others, reputable app reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi recently discovered that the firm might be working behind the scenes to bring this function back. However, we will have to wait to see if it actually happens.

To find out if your buddy has recently liked any posts, you will need to manually examine their followers list and the most recent posts from other creators. If you want to discover whether your friends have liked posts by particular persons, this method might work well. This is how to accomplish it:

1. Click the Following section in your friend’s profile.

Open the profile of the individual whose likes you are interested in seeing.

Keep Track of Liked Posts on

2. If your buddy has liked a post, you can see by scrolling through theirs and seeing Liked by friend name> over the caption. You can also tap the like counter to get the full list of likes if you and the third party share several friends. It goes without saying that for this strategy to function, the person must either have a public profile or be followed.