Instagram Rolls out Playback Year-in-Review Feature for 2021; Here’s How It Works

As 2021 draws to a close, apps like Instagram are releasing their own kind of year-in-reviews. Playback 2021, a new feature on the Meta-owned social media site, allows you to review and even share your favourite Instagram Stories from this year with your friends.

Instagram Playback 2021 Now Live

Your top 10 Instagram Stories shared in 2021 will be curated in a new Playback area at the top of Instagram’s feed. And don’t worry, you don’t have to share the people you find objectionable. Before sharing the Stories with your Instagram friends, you can add or remove them using the Playback tool. Through the app’s Story Archive, you can accomplish this.

You must have shared at least three Stories this year and have the Archive turned on in order to receive your Playback 2021. Instagram users are starting to see the feature. Remember that this is a temporary feature that won’t survive much longer than 2021. So, you have until December 31, 2021, to submit your Instagram Playback 2021.

The function is an expansion of Instagram’s Top 9 photo grid feature, which in the past has served as the app’s year-end for artists. The top 9 posts on the platform had to be created using third-party apps, but this feature was mainly focused on the most popular Instagram posts. The ease and simplicity of playback is one reason it can become quite popular. If this occurs, perhaps we will get to see this end-of-year on our Instagram feeds.

For those who are unaware, well-known applications like Spotify, YouTube Music, and even Reddit have published year-in-review articles so that users can think back on the content that was popular on their platforms this year. Even YouTube had a year-ending film in the shape of the well-known YouTube Rewind, but that was discontinued last year.

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