Instagram’s New #GestureChallenge is Taking Over; Here’s How You Can Do It

Without a doubt, Instagram is the trendiest social media site out there. Instagram continues to be at the forefront when a particular trend becomes popular. With the new hand gesture challenge in vogue, social media is currently on a high.

Instagram is being overrun by the #handgesturechallenge and #gesturechallenge. This internet craze started on TikTok and has since moved to Instagram to compete there.

What is the Hand Gesture Challenge on Instagram?

The only requirement for the hand gesture challenge is that the challenger imitate the gestures in the right order after seeing a series of hand emojis on the screen in a specific order. The Emoji Hand Challenge is known as just that. That seems very simple, right? WRONG!

The challenge’s secret is to mimic the hand motions while singing Lalala, a song about the year 2000. (ilkan Gunuc Mix). This presents a challenge because it might be difficult to change hand motions while keeping the beats in the right order.

I tried it, and at least 20 times I failed! But as soon as you get the hang of it, your brain will do it on its own. View my finished video below and feel free to pass judgement.

How to Get the Hand Gesture Filter?

You must now acquire the required filter before you can begin the task. Following are the steps to adding this filter to your filter library:

  • After opening Instagram, go to the search/explore page from the bottom bar.
  • Search for i.m.noel and open his account.
  • Tap the face icon in his account.
  • Look for the Gesture Challenge video and open it.
  • At the bottom right, tap the Save to Camera button to add it to your filter library.

Now, in these difficult times of lockdown and social seclusion, this challenge is a great way to pass the time. So, this is a very nice method to pass the time while being at home. All you need is a little practise, and you’ll be all set. Give it a shot now. I dare you to a gesture!