iOS 17 will come with smart screen feature!

Apple’s iOS 17 Update Introduces a Lock Screen for the iPhone

Apple is set to launch its latest iOS 17 update at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) on June 5th, and it promises to bring an innovative new lock screen feature to the iPhone. When tilted, the phone will transform into a smart display, displaying calendar items, notifications, and other details in a high-contrast layout similar to what can be seen on Amazon Echo Show or Google Nest Hub. This advanced feature is far more superior to what was introduced to Android 10 in 2019, and it is comparable to the Amazon Fire tablet feature.

iPadOS Lags Behind iOS in Lock Screen Customization

Although iPadOS may lag behind iOS in terms of lock screen customization, it is still possible to customize the iPad’s lock screen. However, there is no mention as to whether the iPad will have the same functionality as the iPhone’s new lock screen feature.

Apple Developing Multiple Smart Home Devices

Apple is also said to be developing multiple smart home devices, which may include a mountable display. The iOS 17 upgrade has a major focus on widgets.


The upcoming iOS 17 update looks to be a major leap forward for Apple, introducing a revolutionary lock screen feature to the iPhone and potentially other smart home devices. The update is set to launch at the WWDC on June 5th, and the finished version is expected to be released in September.