Meet the Macs that will not support macOS 14

What Computers Will Not Receive macOS 14?

In the wake of the WWDC, there has been an increasing number of rumors regarding the new operating systems. Unfortunately, not all computers are able to receive support due to their hardware characteristics that impede them from having a satisfactory performance. So, what computers will not be compatible with macOS 14? Let’s take a look.

Supported Devices


To determine which Mac computers will not be supported by macOS 14, we must first consider the latest devices that have received macOS 13, Ventura. These supported devices include:

Compatibility Difficulties


Due to the wide range of Macs, from desktops to laptops, it can be quite difficult to determine compatibility. Nevertheless, there are some certainties. Intel’s last Macs were the 16-inch MacBook Pro and 2020 iMac, which are both 3 and 4 years old respectively.

Apple’s Commitment to Innovation


Despite the age of these devices, Apple is a company that is committed to innovation and regularly releases updates that improve the performance of their devices. Therefore, it is highly likely that even the oldest Macs will still be able to receive support from macOS 14.


Although not all Mac computers will be able to receive support from macOS 14, Apple’s commitment to innovation means that even the oldest devices may still be able to receive support. Ultimately, it is yet to be seen which devices will not receive support from the new operating system.