Microsoft has rolled out many new features for Windows 11 users, all these will be available after updating

Microsoft Rolls Out New Features for Windows 11 Users at Build 2023

At the Build 2023 annual conference, Microsoft has released a range of new features for Windows 11 users, with the most noteworthy being Windows Copilot, an AI-powered support system on the home screen. Additionally, the company has provided a variety of other functions that users have already begun to access. In February, the tech giant gave users the opportunity to use the AI-powered Bing on the taskbar, and now they have added further features to Windows 11.

Privacy Settings App for Windows 11

Starting from May 24, Microsoft will roll out a Privacy Settings app for Windows 11 users that will give them the ability to enable or disable presence sensor features, such as Wake on Approach and Lock on Leave, as well as block or allow information to the presence sensor.

Glanceable VPN Feature for Windows 11

Microsoft has also added a feature known as Glanceable VPN to the taskbar of Windows 11 users. This feature allows users to quickly and easily access their VPN connection with a single click.


Microsoft has implemented a variety of new features to Windows 11, from the AI-powered Windows Copilot on the home screen to the Privacy Settings app and Glanceable VPN feature on the taskbar. These new features are sure to provide users with a better and more secure experience.