Minecraft 1.19 Ore Distribution Guide: How and Where to Find Every Ore

Applying enchantments to your pickaxe in Minecraft is now necessary before you can begin mining. The 1.19 update to Minecraft introduces a number of changes to the game’s underground landscape, which inevitably causes a small repositioning of the ore deposits. Fortunately, their location hasn’t changed much since the 1.18 update, although it’s difficult to recall the height of each ore’s spawn. As a result, we covered all the ore distribution heights, biome-based effects, and new modifications in Minecraft 1.19 in this tutorial. However, in this update, you will need to carry a couple more guns while mining because there are Warden in some resource-rich regions. After saying that, let’s get started right away.

Minecraft 1.19 Ore Distribution Explained (2022)

The biomes and terrain generation in Minecraft have undergone significant alterations as a result of recent releases. As a result, the distribution of Minecraft ore has undergone numerous changes. Therefore, we are here to discuss where to look for each ore in Minecraft 1.19 as well as how high to look. To learn more about each of them at your convenience, consult the table below.

What is Ore Distribution in Minecraft?

The world of Minecraft is split up into chunks, each of which is made up of 16 blocks on all axes of direction. Each chunk has its own ore generation system, and the planet is shown in the game one chunk at a time. This still holds true for the game’s Java and Bedrock versions. And in Minecraft, the distribution of ore throughout each of these blocks is referred to as mining.

Though the globe heights have a greater impact on the ore distribution than chunks do. The world height in Minecraft 1.19 is 320 blocks, while the lowest point is at -64 blocks. Therefore, if you are aware of the ideal height for each ore, you may anticipate finding it at that height in the majority of game areas. But sometimes ore production is also influenced by the biomes. On that, however, later.

Where Do Ores Generate in Minecraft 1.19?

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It’s time to address the major issue after covering the fundamentals. We’ll go over the specific generational rules for each mineral and the variables that affect them. We have established the heights necessary to identify each ore in Minecraft, according to the developer’s notes and our experimentation. If you are familiar with the most recent significant update, Caves & Cliffs Part 2, you don’t need to worry too much because nothing has changed. Let’s now explore where each ore may be found in Minecraft 1.19.

Note that each unit represents one in-game block, and the Y in the following explanations refers to the global height.


Put an end to your curiosity and discuss where to find diamonds in Minecraft first.


Only below Y=16 world height does diamond ore produce in Minecraft 1.19. From there, the likelihood of finding diamonds increases with depth. According to this reasoning, the height of Y=-64 has the greatest potential for producing deep-slated diamond ore. However, lava is also frequently encountered at practically every step in this level. As a result, take a Fire Resistance Potion with you when you go mining.


The most productive fuel in Minecraft produces between Y=256 and Y=0 world height. It can be found in caves as well as on mountain tops. But if you wish to accumulate it, Y=90 is the maximum value.


Copper is still a rather distinctive resource, despite not being the most helpful. Therefore, you can find it below Y=112 and above Y=-16 world height if you want to see it for yourself. Its greatest spawn rate occurs at Y=48 world height. Furthermore, the dripstone caves biome is where it spawns most frequently. Therefore, within minutes of spawning, you can start collecting copper with our best dripstone caves seeds.


Without a collection iron, no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are, you cannot advance in Minecraft. This frequent and significant mineral produces Y values ranging from -32 to 256. However, it’s not always simple to find it at mountaintops. Instead, the most iron generates at Y=16, therefore you should also be investigating there.


In the overworld’s Badlands biome, the bright gold ore is the most abundant. Regardless, you can locate it between levels Y=-64 and Y=32. The location with the most gold ore in Minecraft 1.19 is Y=-16. However, you can also build a nether portal to search for gold in the nether plane if you are unable to locate it. Here, it generates gold at a pace that is significantly higher than in the best areas of the overworld, where the overworld generates less gold.


Between Y=-32 and Y=-64, redstone ore is found more frequently the deeper you go. Maximum Redstone ore in Minecraft 1.19 may be found at Y=-64.

Lapis Lazuli

In order to obtain a decent bargain when trading with any kind of villager in Minecraft, you’ll need emeralds. It can be found between Y=-16 and Y=256, and in a sense, it serves as the game’s cash. In contrast to most ores, emerald generation rises in the mountains, notably at Y=224 world altitude.

How to Find Netherite in Minecraft

Get lapis lazuli if you wish to utilise enchantments in Minecraft. But regrettably, it is the least common of all the biomes in Minecraft. However, it has a generation range of Y= -64 to Y= 64. However, Y=0 is the ideal height to discover lapis lazuli if you want to try your luck.

Biome-Based Minecraft Ore Generation

The strongest functional substance in the game is netherite, despite the fact that it doesn’t spawn in the same environment or dimension as the other ores. In light of this, we have created a special method that you can use to find Netherite in Minecraft with ease. However, you won’t need to worry about the Netherite until you have found all of the game’s other ores.

  • In the Badlands biome, Gold ore generates in higher quantities between Y=256 and Y=40 instead of its regular generation.
  • You can find large veins of copper ores in dripstone caves easily. But such generation isn t common in other biomes.
  • Emerald ore is only generated in the mountain biomes. This is the only area exclusive ore in the game.

Ores in Deep Dark and Ancient Cities

Some of the ores have unique connections to specific Minecraft biomes. This results in some situations where the distribution of ore alters. Changes in ores caused by biomes include:

Your world’s caves are now bigger and more open than ever in Minecraft 1.19. The exposed ores are therefore more widespread than before. Therefore, you can simply seek to find a vast, deep, dark biometo collect a few intriguing ores rather than digging around yourself.

Explore the New Minecraft 1.19 Ore Distribution

Additionally, with Minecraft 1.19’s new Ancient city, you can carry out the same action. The majority of the ores in these towns may be found on their roofs, which make them easier to explore than caverns. Consult our extensive selection of the best Ancient city seeds for Minecraft to get started. But the height-based ore generation principles still hold true in this situation.

You are prepared to locate all the ores you require in the game with your understanding of ore creation in Minecraft 1.19. And if you still need a boost, our list of the top Minecraft 1.19 seeds can point you in the direction of a number of fortunate resourceful spawning. One of them even provides you with a diamond right away after spawning. However, if you know the finest Minecraft instructions, you might never have a problem discovering an ore. But when the best Minecraft modifications are involved, even these in-game commands kowtow.