Minecraft Bees: Everything You Need to Know

For many different reasons, bees are well-known in Minecraft. To build bee farms in the game, many people seek them out. Others simply can’t wait to watch the adorable mob in action. I undoubtedly belong to the latter group. Regardless of your interest in Minecraft bees, there is a lot you can learn about them. There are many bee-related mechanics in Minecraft, from finding bees to putting them in their nests. And we’re here to tell you about it all. Let’s get started learning everything there is to know about Minecraft bees now that that has been spoken.

Minecraft Bees: Spawning, Breeding, Attacking, and More (2022)

Both the Java and Bedrock versions of Minecraft use bees in a similar way. We will discuss any changes that you should be aware of, though. To get the most out of our advice, be sure to use the Minecraft 1.18 update. The variety of information about bees has been divided into distinct areas, so use the table below to jump to the section that most interests you.

What Do Bees Do in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, bees are a neutral mob. They are generally non-aggressive and wait for an opportunity to attack players or other mobs. However, given that they attack in swarms, bees can be rather deadly if provoked. The players and other mobs get poisoned by each of their attacks. Only adult and baby bees are available as variations in the game.

General Properties

Let’s learn some fundamental information about bees before we delve further into their world:

  • Unlike ghasts, bees in Minecraft don t technically fly. Instead, they hover only a few blocks above the ground.
  • They are a part of the arthropods class of mobs. So, one of the best sword enchantments, the bane of arthropods, causes severe damage to them.
  • A bee usually doesn t go more than 22 blocks away from its home. But it might venture a bit further in some cases, like attacking or locating a nearby flower.
  • Finally, a bee can t fly through a trap door or even a regular door unless you lead it with a flower. However, baby bees can pass through such gaps easily.

Uses of Bees & their Products

Bees in Minecraft serve a number of purposes, much like in real life. You can obtain honey and honeycombs from them. These two things both serve a number of functions throughout the game. The honey bottles can be used to make sugar and honey blocks in crafts. The objective of the honeycombs is to create slabs, steps, beehives, candles, waxed copper blocks, and honeycomb blocks.

Where Do Bees Spawn in Minecraft

In the Minecraft biomes, bees can spawn in meadows, plains, sunflower plains, woods, and birch forests. And only meadows in Minecraft have a 100% chance of spawning bees, while other biomes only have a chance of less than 5%. We currently have a resource set up to make it simple for you to locate bees in Minecraft.

Manually Spawn Bees

Bee spawn eggs can be used to swiftly add an infinite amount of bees to your Minecraft environment when in creative mode. However, in survival mode, you can only produce bees by raising seedlings of birch and oak trees. Don’t, however, have too much hope in them, as there is a less than 5% possibility that saplings will grow with natural bee nests.

Where Do Bees Live in Minecraft

Bees only mate and dwell in their own bee nests, naturally. They typically reside in colonies or groups. A single bee nest can house up to three bees at once, and they frequently return to the nest to rest. Additionally, they spend the night and rainy days in the nests. When the bees return, they spend around two minutes inside the nest before leaving.

Similar to bee nests, there are also craftable versions of beehives in Minecraft. Both of them can provide shelter for swarms of bees and operate in a similar way. A Minecraft crafting table can be used to create a beehive with six wooden planks and three honeycombs.

How to Get Bees Inside a Nest

Adaptability is a major issue players run through when employing beehives. It might be challenging to bring bees into a new beehive since they recall their prior home. Either destroy their original bee nest or fill it with new bees is the solution. There can be no more than three bees in a beehive or bee nest. Not to mention, you can produce young bees to reside in the freshly constructed beehive.

What Do Bees Eat in Minecraft and How to Breed Them

Flowering plants provide food and a breeding ground for bees. They buzz around a flower for 30 seconds collecting pollen. The pollen is then utilised by bees to produce honey and grow a range of crops in Minecraft. In Minecraft, there are a variety of plants that draw bees.

  • Sweet berry bushes (Java only)
  • Flowering azalea & its leaves
  • Overworld flowers including dandelion, poppy, blue orchid, allium, azure, bluet tulips, daisy, cornflower, lily, sunflower, lilac, rose, and peony
  • Wither rose (also causes harm to them)

Any of the plants mentioned above can be used to attract bees to you. The same plants can then be fed to them to induce reproduction. Similar to other in-game mobs, bee mating is food-based. Bees, however, seem uninterested in flowers in pots for some reason. For detailed instructions on how to breed villagers in Minecraft, refer to the guide that is linked.

Baby Bees

In Minecraft, bees breed after consuming flowers, producing baby bees. After a five-minute relaxation, a bee can produce more young. Baby bees typically mature into adults within 20 minutes, or one game day. Giving them flowers to eat will help them develop more quickly.


Bees can fertilise or pollinate a variety of plants in the game, as you read above. They pollinate them by flying over them, and the results are identical to how bone meal accelerates plant growth. Pumpkins, melons, beetroot, wheat, potatoes, carrots, berry bushes, and cave vines are among the plants that bees can pollinate.

What Makes Bees Angry in Minecraft and How to Fight Them

Most of the time, bees are a passive mob that goes about its business unaffected by other mobs. When enraged, they have the potential to rank among the game’s scariest mobs. A single angry bee causes all the bees nearby to become furious, and their eyes turn red. Then, they use poison to assault the mob or the player until they are killed or if 25 seconds pass with no contact with that object.

Additionally, there are numerous reasons why bees may become furious. For instance, you can enrage a bee by striking it or by damaging its colony or nest. When players take honeycomb or honey from their houses, bees become enraged as well. A bee can only attack once at a time. It then loses its stinger and perishes in under a minute.

Fighting Bees

By this time, you are aware that fighting bees is bad for both you and the bees. But you had better move quickly if you still wanted to battle them. At the regular level, they inflict damage worth two hearts, and their stings inject a poison that lasts for around ten seconds and can lead you to lose about four hearts. Not to mention, you will almost always be attacked by multiple bees. When being attacked by an enraged bee in Minecraft, your greatest defence options are a shield and the best armour enchantments.


Nothing is dropped when you kill an adult bee. There is a three orb maximum for experience orbs. On the other hand, breeding bees can earn you up to 7 experience orbs. If a baby bee is destroyed, no things are dropped or orbs are experienced. What are the uses for experience orbs? In any case, if you have been following our tutorials, you are aware that experience orbs are needed for Minecraft enchantments. For those who are unaware, it is a good idea to breed bees in Minecraft because using enchanted books takes experience orbs.

Minecraft Java vs Bedrock Bees: What s the Difference?

On both the Java and Bedrock versions of Minecraft, the most of the content related to bees is the same. However, you should be aware of a few variations in Minecraft bees across platforms:

  • Bees take damage on touching water only on the Java edition.
  • Sweet berry bushes attract bees only on the Java edition.
  • You can avoid making other bees angry if you kill a bee in just one hit on the Java edition.
  • If a beehive is destroyed, bees outside it will get angry even if you are using a silk touch on the Bedrock edition.
  • In the Java edition, the bee s stinger gets attached to the player and is visible just like an arrow.

Bonus: Bees That Never Made It to Minecraft

Source: Minecraft Wiki

Players of Minecraft have become accustomed to seeing and appreciating the bees as they are. However, the designers had very different ideas for how the bees would appear. Two of these examples are seen in the image above. They certainly increase my appreciation for the game’s bees in their current form, based on how they appear.

A Complete Guide to Minecraft Bees

So now you know everything there is to know about bees by playing Minecraft. Bees in Minecraft are an excellent creature to interact with because of their honey and lethal stingers. You only need to be aware of how to avoid upsetting them and being stung. However, there are more intriguing enemies in the game besides bees. You should look at our list of the mobs included in the 1.19 version for Minecraft. You should learn about the Minecraft fan-vote winner mob Allay since one of them is cuter than the bees. Having said that, there are many things you can do to protect bees, and they all need a lot of time. We therefore won’t keep you here any longer. But don t forget to share what you like the most about Minecraft bees in the comments below.