Minecraft Goats: Everything You Need to Know

Both in our world and in the virtual reality game Minecraft, goats are incredible animals. They can potentially kill players, interact with other mobs, and are a good way to get goat horns in Minecraft. The Minecraft goats are here to help, whether you’re looking for a new friend or an instrument collection. There is a lot for us to cover because there are so many different uses. So, without further ado, let’s learn everything there is to know about Minecraft goats.

Minecraft Goats: Taming, Breeding, and Making Farms (2022)

Goats in Minecraft have a variety of game mechanics centred around them, just like other mobs. In order to cover everything, from where to find goats to how to breed them in-game, we have divided our guide into sections. To learn more about each of them at your convenience, use the table below.

What is the Point of Goats in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, goats are a type of animal mob that is generally non-aggressive and neutral. However, they frequently ram into players and mobs that are standing still, bashing their heads into their bodies. Goats can only be found spawning in the mountainous biomes of Minecraft.

Types of Goats

Goats come in two varieties in Minecraft:

  • Regular Goats
  • Screaming Goats (Screamer Goats in Bedrock)

Screaming goats are uncommon in Minecraft because regular goats predominate. There is no way to distinguish between a regular and a screaming goat, even if you come across one naturally. Instead, you must pay attention to how they behave. More frequently than a normal goat, the screaming goat slams its head into anything in the area. Its voice is also extremely high pitched and sounds nearly scream-like.

What Do Goats in Minecraft Eat?

Goats in Minecraft only consume small pieces of wheat, which you must provide for them. Goats cannot eat wheat crops that have been sown or dumped. Instead, to feed the goats, you must hold the wheat in your hand and utilise the secondary action key (right-click). As long as you have wheat in your possession, the goats will continue to follow you around.

Goats can benefit from wheat in the following ways:

  • Baby goats grow at a 10% faster rate after eating a piece of wheat.
  • Eating wheat helps the goats restore their health.
  • If you feed wheat to an adult goat who s fully healed, it will make the goat breed.

What Do Goats Do in Minecraft?

Goats in Minecraft are particularly distinctive and well-liked for their propensity to ram into things. The goat will slam its head into a nearby mob or player if they remain still for a brief period of time. This action has enough force to make the affected entity take several steps backward. Additionally, because Minecraft goats inhabit mountains, make sure you are prepared for fall damage in Minecraft before meeting them.

In other circumstances, the goats’ ramming may also be triggered if an object approaches them too closely. The goats are famous for high jumps in addition to banging their heads. With easy tall jumps, they can easily scale walls and get on top of houses. The only other Minecraft creature with a jump equivalent to goats is the frog.

Do Goats Get Fall Damage?

Goats are accustomed to big jumps and alpine living. They suffer 10 points less fall damage as a result than the players do. They may therefore drop from a height of roughly 10 blocks without suffering any harm.

The goats also avoid stepping through tiny cracks or freshly fallen snow. They are capable of identifying potential traps. Goats must therefore halt or jump to go across perilous terrain. The goat can jump and escape from there as well if you confine them to a boundary without a roof.

Drops and Mob Loot

Contrary to popular perception, goats that are slain don’t leave behind any food. They only drop experience orbs, which is insufficient to make killing them worthwhile. To milk the goat, you can use a bucket, though. Cow milk and goat milk both have the same effect. You can eat it and get rid of whatever affects that a potion might have had on your character.

However, you can also try to get them to drop a goat horn if the milk isn’t sufficient. These are essentially the first musical instrument that players in Minecraft can utilise. I’ll talk more about goat horns later.

How to Find Goats in Minecraft?

The goats only appear in Minecraft’s mountain biomes, as was already noted. You can easily get to them by using our best mountain seeds. Among these mountain biomes are:

  • Meadow
  • Grove
  • Snowy Slopes
  • Jagged Peaks
  • Frozen Peaks
  • Stony Peaks

If the light level in the region is greater than seven, goats spawn in these biomes in small groups. They don’t spawn in the dark. The majority of these goats are normal goats, however there is a 2% chance in each group that a screaming goat (Java) or screaming goat would spawn (Bedrock). If you’re lucky, you might uncover this uncommon goat kind in your Minecraft world.

How to Transport Them

Making lead is the most dependable method for transporting a goat from one location to another. You can force the lead to encircle a goat’s neck by applying pressure to it. Then you may use it to pull the goat wherever you go just like a leash. However, this strategy can take some time to work if you don’t have Elytra.

Therefore, another option is to try to get the goat onto a boat. Simply create a boat in Minecraft and place it near to the goat to accomplish this. The goat will then get inside the boat after a brief delay or occasionally right away, allowing you to row back to your base. However, you will need to damage the boat in order to get the goat out. Be careful not to hit the goat by accident.

Goat Barn or Goat Pen

You must construct a home for the goats once you have transported them to the spot where you intend to keep them. The simplest way to do it in Minecraft is to use a lead to tie goats to fences. You might also build a small pen for goats if you want to go a step further.

Create a sturdy enclosure around the goat that is at least two blocks high. The building should then have a roof added to prevent goats from scaling the fence. Goats need not be tied to anything after they are imprisoned in order to remain within your building.

How to Breed Goats in Minecraft?

When provided their preferred meal, goats go into breeding mode similar to other mobs. Therefore, if you pair up two goats and feed them wheat, they will reproduce. A newborn goat will then spawn in a matter of seconds, mature into an adult, and begin reproducing.

The parent goats must wait a little while before mating again after their initial breeding. Similar to how it takes time for a baby to grow into an adult, so does a goat. The baby goats’ growth rate can be increased by up to 10% every turn by feeding them wheat, though.

Make a Goat Farm

Once you master raising and breeding goats, you may set up an entire farm just for them. In the game, it may be used to almost endlessly acquire goats. Then you can use them to acquire goat horn, milk pails, and orbs. Use this guide to discover how to build a goat farm in Minecraft and to learn more about the procedure.

How to Get a Goat Horn in Minecraft?

Goat horns are now present in the game thanks to the Minecraft 1.19 The Wild update. When a goat unintentionally bumps against a few particular blocks, they drop these musical instruments. You have to entice the goats to ram into you in order to force them to move out of the way at the last second. You may study the procedure in full by using our guide on how to obtain a goat horn in Minecraft.

There are eight different varieties of goat horns in the game, each with a unique sound:

  • Ponder
  • Sing
  • Seek
  • Feel
  • Admire*
  • Call*
  • Yearn*
  • Dream*

*Only dropped by a goat who was howling

There are more uncommon goat horns than others. However, if you have enough time and access to the top Minecraft servers, you can gather several goat horns and perhaps even start a band.

Tame and Breed Minecraft Goats with Ease

You now know everything there is to know about goats in Minecraft. Our guide can assist you whether you wish to raise goats, locate them, or simply keep them around. Goats can be used for a variety of purposes, but they cannot be kept as pets. In Minecraft, you should consider domesticating foxes if you want a new wild pet. They are considerably adorable than goats but just as unpredictable. But if you know how to tame a horse in Minecraft, you can use that knowledge to your advantage far more effectively. You won’t have to worry about long distance trips if there are horses around. Returning to goats, make sure you understand how to plant crops in Minecraft to maintain the food supply on your farm. Once you master this, you can use Allay to set up an automated farm to take care of your food needs. Having said that, which Minecraft wild creature is your favourite? Tell us in the remarks section below!