operators must pay if they install fiber in facades

The Debate Around Wiring on Facades: Does it Affect All of Spain?

The installation of fiber in certain buildings has always been a topic of conversation, whether it be between citizens who observe the operators’ work or the municipalities and telephone companies themselves. The Supreme Court has now set a precedent that makes it clear that operators must pay the municipalities for the use of land, subsoil, and telephone lines. But, does this ruling apply to all of Spain?

What Led to the Supreme Court Ruling?

In 2020, the City Council of Altea, a municipality in the Valencian Community, filed a lawsuit against several telephone companies for not paying fees related to wiring on the facades of buildings in the town. This caused a great deal of uncertainty as to whether the operators would have to pay for the wiring or not. However, the Supreme Court has now resolved that the telephone companies must pay the fees. This ruling serves as a precedent in the Valencian Community.


The Supreme Court ruling sets a precedent for the operators in the Valencian Community, who must now pay the municipality for the use of land, subsoil, and telephone lines. While this ruling applies to the Valencian Community, it is yet to be seen whether it will affect all of Spain.