Pedro Pascal recognizes the best kept secret of The Mandalorian, thanks to him he was able to make The Last of us

Who is Hiding Under Din Djarin’s Helmet and Armor in The Mandalorian? A Complicated Answer

Peter Pascal, known on social media as the ideal adoptive father, revealed the open secret that we all knew about The Mandalorian: only his voice is used for the protagonist Din Djarin, while the body is that of other actors. Although this has not always been the case.

The Ideal Adoptive Father

Peter Pascal is well-known on social media for his role as the ideal adoptive father, and there are plenty of memes about it. In The Mandalorian, he plays a Mandalorian who adopts Grogu, and in The Last of Us, he is a father who has lost his daughter, and adopts teenager Ellie to protect her.

Interestingly, both works are related in more ways than one.

Experimentation with the Suit

The Chilean actor participated in a round table with other actors, organized by The Hollywood Reporter. In statements collected by, he acknowledges that he is almost never inside Din Djarin’s armor and helmet. There was a lot of experimentation involved with being in the suit for a long time, and frankly, his body was not prepared for it.

The Real Protagonist

The real protagonist behind Din Djarin’s helmet and armor is stuntman Brendan Wayne. He is the one who has been in the suit for the majority of the series, and has even had to perform complex action scenes.


The answer to who is hiding under Din Djarin’s helmet and armor in The Mandalorian is a complicated one. While Peter Pascal is the voice of the protagonist, it is stuntman Brendan Wayne who is behind the helmet and armor for the majority of the series.