PUBG Mobile’s New Night Mode is Fun, Only If You Find Night Vision Goggles

Yesterday, Tencent began distributing the PUBG Mobile update 0.9.0, which among many other things added a brand-new Night Mode to the game. In case you weren’t aware, the new Night Mode has been randomised to match the game’s weather and is only accessible on the Erangel map in the Classic game mode.

The following describes my experience playing PUBG Mobile in almost complete darkness after playing the game for several hours post the update:

The sole environmental cue indicating the game would be in Night Mode was the sky, therefore it began like any other Classic style game on Erangel. The sky in the Night Mode game resembles an evening sky from the outset, in contrast to regular daytime matches, in which the sky looks all bright and sunny at the beginning of the play. I can’t say for sure if it holds true for all Night Mode games, but in the one I’ve played so far, it’s what I noticed. The game makes it quite simple to determine whether a given match will be in Night Mode by displaying a Day/Night tag in the bottom left corner for Night Mode games, so if you’re still unsure.

I had plenty of time after ejecting to gather loot before dark before entering the first circle. The surroundings progressively changed as the initial blue zone expanded until it became quite dark. However, I was unable to locate a set of night vision goggles, thus I was only able to kill a few players by virtue of their shooting at me first.

I started hunting for a car since I didn’t want to take any more chances, and as soon as I did, I headed in the direction of the closest supply drop in search of night vision goggles. The drop was rather simple to find because it released a brilliant orange smoke that shone in the night. Unfortunately, as fate would have it, I was unable to locate the goggles in the supply drop, but I was successful in obtaining an AUG, which proved to be quite helpful when the lights were eventually switched back on.

I made my way to Pochinki, which was in the heart of the circle, blinded by the darkness and without a clue, and I survived by hiding out in one of the homes there. Despite the fact that Pochinki was a well-known drop area, there was a lot of shooting nearby, I stayed in my safe location since I lacked night vision goggles. I waited till it was light again because I reasoned that someone else could have found a pair by then and I didn’t really want to take any chances.

While playing PUBG Mobile in Night Mode, I saw that several players were able to survive until the second to last circle, probably because they were hiding out and waiting for dawn like me. The cacophony of gunfire erupted all around me as players emerged from their hiding places as soon as the Sun began to rise. With the exception of the in-game sounds, which featured a rooster crowing to signal the approaching dawn and birds singing when the Sun was up, the game was otherwise relatively regular after that.

In all honesty, I was playing against people with a lower Elo rating, but I still managed to defeat the final team standing and grab the chicken meal. Things might have gone differently if I had played in my own Elo.

Having said that, what do you think of PUBG Mobile’s new Night Mode? Have you yet been able to enter a Night Mode game? Have you discovered night vision glasses? Be careful to include some screenshots taken while wearing the night vision goggles when you share your experiences in the comments area.