PUBG Training Mode Walkthrough: Here’s Everything You Can Do

The long-awaited and extensively overhauled training mode for PUBG is now available, providing players the ability to advance their abilities in a secure setting. In order to observe everything that players can accomplish in the training mode, we’ve done numerous trips across the new map since the training mode was officially published for the PUBG test servers late last week. The training mode will prepare you for the PC version of PUBG but not for PUBG Mobile or PUBG Mobile Lite because the controls are visibly different. There are other versions of PUBG with comparable features and gameplay components.

You’ve come to the correct place if you haven’t had a chance to access the test servers to try out the new training mode on PC (it will soon be available on live servers). Here is a brief overview of the new map that highlights everything you can practise in a 30-minute period.

Notice: It may take a while for the GIFs in this post to load and function properly. In real life, as in PUBG, patience is a virtue.

PUBG Training Mode: Everything You Can Do

While it’s true that a training mode like this draws in players looking to have fun and test out silly stunts they couldn’t afford to perform in a match, if you’re committed enough you can truly improve your gameplay by spending some time in the training map. Here are all the places in the game where you can hone your various abilities:

Shooting Range (400m)

starting with the 400 metre Shooting Range, which is possibly the most significant portion of the new map. You will spawn in the game next to an equipment table where you can equip yourself and test out all of the available in-game weapons and attachments.

You can pick up any weapon you choose to use, from SMGs to sniper rifles, as they are all neatly lined out on tables. You can equip your equipment with any necessary attachments and head to the adjacent shooting range to practise shooting at various ranges.

The most crucial range is 400 metres because you will almost always be competing at that distance, and you need to be particularly good if you want to win that chicken meal. There is plenty of ammo available for purchase directly from the shooting range, so you won’t need to rush back to the equipment tables if you run out. You may quickly swap to a different rifle on the range because a few guns and attachments are set out in the front.

Shooting Range (800m)

The 800-meter shooting range is the next stop, where you may practise hitting distant targets. The 800 metre range is similar to the 400 metre range in that you can shoot at a number of targets at various ranges.

So that you don’t have to dash back to the equipment tables as soon as you arrive, the 800 metre range also has a variety of guns and ammo spread out at the front. The range also features a unique 1500 metre target that you may practise on if you’ve had enough practise and find that 800 metres isn’t really a problem.

Shooting Range (Handguns and Shotguns)

The handguns and shotguns range is fairly tiny in comparison to the other two shooting ranges. To allow you to try out different weapons while you’re there, it also has guns and ammunition spread out at the front.

In order to simulate what players can encounter early on in games, where you have to succeed with whatever weapons you find as soon as you land, targets that are put in the handgun and shotgun range are quite close and have a realistic aim.

Throwables Range

You can practise throwing Molotov cocktails and grenades in the training mode map. You may practise tossing grenades precisely across short and long distances, through windows, and into confined spaces on the range thanks to its assortment of structures.

For newcomers who aren’t used to throwing grenades precisely, practising at the throwables range can be very helpful. You should absolutely give it a try; you never know; a well-timed flashbang might help you win your next Chicken Dinner.

Melee Range

Players can practise utilising melee weapons in combat on the Training Mode map’s melee combat range. The early game, when you run out of luck and can’t locate a gun, is when learning melee weapons could actually come in helpful.

However, I experienced a problem with the melee range. It doesn’t have any location nearby where you can pick up melee weapons to enhance your pan-wielding skills, unlike all the other practise ranges. To obtain your melee weapons, you must return to the equipment tables. As you can see, I wasn’t interested.

Parachute Practice Area

Parachuting is a fantastic skill that you may practise on the new training mode map. Even though it might not seem like it, parachuting is an essential component that can offer you a big advantage in the early going.

You only need to enter a jump school bunker and interact with the console there to practise parachuting. You can practise landing on the targets on the map to hone your skills. They are scattered throughout different parts of the game.

Close Quarter Combat (CQC) Area

The Close Quarter Combat (CQC) sector is arguably the most underutilised part of the game. The region is intended for training close-quarters combat with opponents in an urban setting, as suggested by the name.

However, in all the games I played, I was unable to come across any players eager to engage in close combat training, and the region was essentially vacant. Therefore, you’ll need to queue up for training mode in PUBG with a large group of your pals if you want to practise close quarters combat. Unfortunately, I don’t, which is why you can see me pacing and shooting aimlessly. T T

Parkour Area

Although you may practise all of your vaulting and jumping techniques in the close-quarters fighting arena as well, the new training mode has a dedicated space for it. You can practise vaulting and jumping on the various obstacle courses in the parkour section. These skills are useful in the game when you are under attack.

Even though I wasn’t particularly good at it, I had a lot of fun running on the short courses and I came away with a good understanding of when and how to jump to finish the courses quickly. Fighting in urban settings where there are climbable structures could benefit greatly from this.

Garage, Racing Track and Off-Road Area

The training mode also includes a garage, a race track, and an off-road section to aid in the improvement of your driving abilities in the game. The UAZ and the minivan are kept in the garage near to the 400-meter line, while the buggy, muscle car, and motorcycles are kept in the garage next to the racetrack.

Scooters are scattered across the area so that you may move around it quickly and practise for those Sanhok matches. Vehicle damage has also been disabled so you can drive without being concerned about someone blowing up your car.

Sweet Stunt Ramps

Pick up a vehicle and have fun on the numerous trick ramps scattered around the racing track if you ever get tired of practising. No matter how many times I tried, I was unable to execute a few easy leaps and a wild loop on a two-wheeler.

The ramps allow you the chance to attempt making crazy manoeuvres with a vehicle on a steep slope, even if they don’t truly prepare you for anything you would encounter in the game. You’ve probably seen some YouTube videos and know precisely what I’m talking about.

Open Water for Vehicles

Finally, a harbour is located on the training mode map where you may practise operating PUBG’s watercraft. While you’re about it, you can practise navigating the notoriously unsteady boats through a maze.

I didn’t spent a lot of time operating the boats because I typically try to steer clear of waterways in games, but I’m confident that knowing how to shoot while moving might be useful.

Update for PUBG on PC Adds Training Mode to Test Servers

That concludes your options for the new PUBG training mode. Are you eager to participate and hone your abilities to get a step closer to that Chicken Dinner? When training mode is introduced to live servers, what do you want to practise first? Comment below with your thoughts and let us know.