Reliance Jio Will Pay You up to Rs 50,000 per Month for Mobile Tower Installation

Although Reliance Jio may have the finest prepaid plans in the nation, the company’s network still experiences frequent call dropouts and disconnections, and it appears that even major cities are not immune to the issue. Although call dropouts are a problem for almost all operators in the nation, they are more obvious with new operators.

Due to this, the Mukesh Ambani-led telco has recently started a programme to enhance the quality of its network and is providing rent payments of up to Rs. 50,000 per month to anyone wishing to construct a tower on their land. You can apply for the installation if you have a large enough roof or piece of land. Whether your home is in an urban or rural area, as well as how badly the company needs to expand its network there, will affect the rent.

Reliance Jio has previously offered rent between Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 30,000 per month with a minimum demand of an area of 2,000 sq ft on the ground or 500 sq ft on the roof.

If you’re interested, you can submit an application by visiting the Property Owners page on the official website of Indus Towers, the business in charge of constructing cell towers for numerous telecoms in the nation, including Jio. Keep in mind that you’ll need to provide evidence of property ownership and a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the appropriate civic body. A land survey report and identification documentation will also be required by the company.

It’s undoubtedly a cool way to make some extra money each month without having to pay a dime, but because researchers haven’t yet addressed safety issues with radiation from cell towers or ecological devastation, one can only hope that people won’t eventually experience health problems as a result of them.