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Netflix’s Restrictive Policy Sparks Subscriber Loss

When Netflix implemented a new policy to restrict the use of shared accounts, many users chose to leave the streaming platform. Reports from the last few months show that the company has experienced a considerable drop in subscribers. In Spain alone, the number of people who have cancelled their subscription has exceeded one million. Despite this, Netflix was content with its recent financial report and has high hopes for the future, expecting the number of paid subscribers to go up again.

Unsubscribing from Netflix

The new restrictive policy has been rolled out in over 100 countries, making it clear that there’s no turning back. If you have decided to unsubscribe from Netflix but still receive emails from them, asking you to come back, this article will show you how to get off their list and stop receiving emails.


Netflix’s new policy has had a major impact on the number of subscribers, with many choosing to cancel their subscription. The company is still confident that their paid user base will increase, but for those who have decided to unsubscribe, there are steps they can take to stop receiving emails from Netflix.