Sony announces highly anticipated PS VR2 sales

Sony Announces Successful Launch of PS VR2

Sony recently announced the successful launch of its PS VR2 product, with sales reaching almost 600,000 units within the first six weeks. This is 8% higher than the sales of their original PS VR within the same timeframe. It is assumed that this figure has already surpassed the 600,000 mark.

Sony’s Future Plans for PlayStation

In addition to their successful launch, the company also shared its plans for the future. They intend to invest more money into the PlayStation brand by developing new franchises. By the 2025 fiscal year, their investments will be split equally between old and new IPs.

Focusing on Existing IPs

In recent years, Sony has focused mostly on console-based franchises such as God of War and Horizon. For example, in 2019 only 20% of their investments were dedicated to the development of new properties. For the 2023 fiscal year, the focus is still on existing IPs.


Sony’s successful launch of the PS VR2 product has exceeded their expectations. They are now looking to the future by investing more money into the PlayStation brand. This includes developing new franchises and dedicating a portion of their investments to existing IPs.