Spotify Has a New UI for Desktop; Here’s How to Enable or Disable It

Spotify has added the web player UI to its desktop version, a contentious decision that might not be welcomed by its core desktop userbase. The new look is being sent out to Spotify desktop users worldwide, and you should see it in the upcoming weeks.

Spotify Adds Web Player UI to Desktop App

If you’ve already used Spotify’s web player and enjoyed your time there, you’ll fit in just fine with the new design.

Spotify Desktop: New UI vs Old UI (Gallery)

According to the company’s blog post, with this makeover, we’re fusing the technical opportunity of a cutting-edge, scalable online player with a unified Spotify design and the functionality that you’ve all come to expect throughout the desktop app.

Enable or Disable Spotify s New Desktop UI

I have information for anyone who are curious in the new UI. Here are a few screenshots showing how the new interface differs from the old one.

As you could see from the screenshots up top, the new makeover completely transforms how desktop users interact with Spotify. Even though the corporation has begun to implement the modification, not everyone has yet received it. If you’re using Spotify desktop’s most recent version, you may enable it right now thanks to Redditor Ir0ngr0n. This is how:

Official Spotify Path:


Microsoft Store Path:


Linux (non-Snap) Path:


Linux (Snap) Path:


macOS Path:

~/Library/Application Support/Spotify

Use a text editor to add the following line to the prefs file by navigating to the location specified below based on your desktop platform. Do bear in mind that the installation process will differ for those who downloaded Spotify desktop via the Microsoft Store and the official website. Enable hidden folders if you can’t see the AppData folder.

Line to Be Added in prefs File:


If you wish to enable the new desktop UI once you’ve arrived at this path, add this line to the prefs file. Similar to that, removing this line, at least in the current build, returns the previous interface.

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