The exception of the DGT to fine you if you carry the mobile in a support with a suction cup

Keeping Your Mobile in Sight

Unless you have a car with Android Auto or Apple Car Play, you will need something to keep your mobile in view. Having an up-to-date browser (Waze, Apple Maps, or Google Maps are better than those usually installed in cars with a screen) is especially helpful, especially if your car doesn’t have a navigator. Therefore, having a mobile phone is essential.

Mobile Phone Holders

There are several types of supports for holding your mobile phone, such as those for the ventilation grill, the cigarette lighter, and the suction cup holders that are often placed on the moon or dashboard. However, although these are allowed, you can get a fine if you use them incorrectly. Recently, a hoax started circulating about automatic fines for having a mobile phone holder with a suction cup, but although this is not true, they can still fine you in certain cases.

Limiting Mobile Phone Use While Driving

The intention of the DGT (Dirección General de Tráfico) is clear: they want to limit the use of mobile phones while driving as much as possible. This is a safety issue, similar to the ban on wearing headphones.


Having a device to keep your mobile phone in view while driving is essential, and there are several types of holders that can help you do this. However, it is important to use them correctly, as you can get fined if you don’t. Ultimately, the DGT is trying to ensure the safety of drivers by limiting the use of mobile phones while driving.