The iPhone 12 collapses below 400 euros in an offer never seen before

The iPhone 12 is Now Available at an Unprecedented Price

The iPhone 12 has experienced an unusual price reduction and is currently available for the cost of a low-end smartphone, despite having impressive specs, such as a double chamber, Face ID, OLED display, wireless charging, MagSafe connectivity, 5G and a powerful A14 Bionic processor.

A Price Reduction That Makes the iPhone 12 a Great Buy

It is clear that the iPhone 12 is a great phone to buy in 2023, and Apple continues to sell it in their store for 809 euros. However, if you take advantage of this Amazon offer, you can get the iPhone 12 for only 399 euros. This is an incredibly low price for the features the device provides.

Getting the iPhone 12 at a Bargain Price

In order to get the iPhone 12 at such a low price, it is necessary to buy a refurbished device, but this should not pose any problem. Purchasing a refurbished Apple device is a great option for those looking for a bargain.


The iPhone 12 has experienced a dramatic price reduction, making it the most recommended budget iPhone. With its impressive specs, it is a great choice for those looking for a device with great features at an affordable price.