the virtual Transport Card reaches the mobile

The Trend of Going Walletless

It is becoming more and more common to leave the wallet at home, as credit/debit cards, loyalty cards, and even health cards of some Communities can now be accessed through mobile devices.

The Madrid Regional Transport Consortium (CRTM)

The Community of Madrid has recently released an app to digitize the disability card, and is now testing another application to digitize the public transport card so that users can access the metro and the bus with their mobile.

The Virtual Transport Card

The new app, called the Virtual Transport Card, allows users to store the Multi card on their mobile and load it with the titles they want, just like they would with a physical card. It should not be confused with the Transport Card app, which is only used to check the remaining trips and recharge.


The new Virtual Transport Card app from the CRTM is a great way for users to access their public transport cards on their mobile devices, making it easier than ever to go walletless.