These 5 Fake ChatGPT Apps Can Cause Harm, Now Uninstall From Phone

OpenAI Chatbot Becoming Popular Amongst AI Users

OpenAI’s chatbot has become increasingly popular amongst AI users in recent times. ChatGPT and AI have become a hot topic of discussion, leading to the emergence of various fake and fraudulent applications. People are so eager to use the OpenAI chatbot that they often end up downloading these fake apps without realizing the potential risks. In this article, we will discuss five such fake ChatGPT apps that should be avoided and uninstalled immediately if already installed.

AI Chatbot App

The Google Play Store has an app with a logo that looks very similar to the OpenAI logo used for ChatGPT. The developers of the app claim that it is an alternative model to GPT. However, as per reports, the free version of the app is inundated with advertisements and requires users to take a subscription before they can access more features.

AI Assistant Ask

This app also requires users to sign up for a three-day free trial before they can use it. After the trial period is over, users are asked to take a subscription in order to access the app.


It is important to be aware of the potential risks of downloading fake apps. OpenAI chatbot has become very popular amongst AI users, but it is important to be careful and double-check the authenticity of the apps before downloading them. If you have already downloaded any of the fake apps mentioned above, make sure to uninstall them immediately.