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Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Jobs?

At present, there are many jobs that cannot be replaced by modern Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, according to an investigation by OpenAI’s GPT-4, certain tasks can be done by AI in much less time. In order to determine the probability of AI replacing us at work, The Washington Post created a website based on a study conducted by three professors: Edward W. Felten from Princeton, Manav Raj from the University of Pennsylvania, and Robert Seamans from New York University.

Types of AI Examined

The team studied two types of AI: one capable of generating and analyzing speech (such as ChatGPT) and another with the same capability for images (such as Midjourney). They examined dozens of abilities within 1500 words related to the AI.


AI has the potential to replace certain tasks, but it cannot completely replace human jobs. While AI can be used to automate certain processes and make them more efficient, it cannot replace the creativity and innovation that humans bring to the table. AI is a powerful tool, but it should be used to supplement human efforts, not replace them.