This DGT website tells you the environmental sticker or label of a car just by entering the license plate

DGT Labels: An Important Measure for Large Cities

In recent years, the importance of DGT labels has grown significantly, particularly in larger cities. In accordance with the Climate Change and Energy Transition Law approved in April 2021, all municipalities with a population of more than 50,000 inhabitants are required to have an anti-pollution plan that takes environmental labels into account by 2023.

How to Check Your Vehicle’s Label

The Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) has a website dedicated to helping drivers find out what label or sticker their car has, or the label of a second-hand car they may be considering buying. All you need to do is enter the vehicle’s license plate number and the website will indicate the corresponding environmental badge.

Obtaining a DGT Label

If your vehicle does not have a label, there is a process to obtain one. The DGT website explains that drivers can request a DGT label for a fee of 5 euros. If you enter a car’s license plate and the website indicates “Without distinctive,” it means that your vehicle does not meet the requirements to be assigned a DGT label.


The DGT labels are an important measure for large cities, as they help reduce air pollution and protect the environment. The DGT website provides a convenient way to check the label of your vehicle or a second-hand car, and for those without a label, they can request one for a nominal fee.