This Hilarious Game Lets You Slap Chris Rock and Measure the Slap Speed; Check It out Right Now!

I’m sure you’ve heard about the Will Smith-Chris Rock slapping scandal that occurred at the Oscars last week if you haven’t been living under a rock. A hilarious game has been made where you can put yourself in the shoes of Will Smith and smack Chris Rock as hard as you can because it has been trending all over the world. Confused? Look at what we are referring to.

This Game Lets You Slap Chris Rock!

When Will Smith entered the stage during this year’s Academy Awards and slapped Chris Rock live on television for making a joke about Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith, the news quickly spread like wildfire. To capitalise on the commotion and pull an April Fool’s joke, a game developer by the name of Tyler Hamilton produced the hilarious game How quickly can Chris Rock be spanked?

You may slap Chris Rock in this straightforward browser game, and you can even gauge the slap’s pace. The game is accessible through its dedicated website,

When you first visit the website, you will see a plain canvas with Rock’s happy face on the right and a hand emoji on the left. Simply move your cursor to quickly drag the hand emoji near Chris’ face in order to smack the comedian. The speedometer at the top will display the speed at which you slapped Chris Rock after the slap.

Fun fact: Gettin Jiggy wit It by Will Smith, a well-known song from 1998, will play in the background if you slap Chris Rock hard enough (ideally more than 30 km/h).

You may post your score on Facebook and Twitter using the dedicated options at the bottom after hitting Chris in the face like Will did during the award show. At the bottom left, there is an option to switch the speedometer units from the standard kilometres per hour format to miles per hour.

Now, as a surprise, the developer replaced Chris Rock’s visage in the game with that of Will Smith after the website went live on April 1. Even though it was only accessible for one day, Chris Rock undoubtedly made the most of it! Therefore, I advise you to play the game from the aforementioned URL right now if you also want to slap Chris Rock! Additionally, please share your top slap speed in the comments section.