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WhatsApp: An Instant Messaging Social Network

Since its launch, WhatsApp has not implemented major changes in its platform. It is a social network that offers a specific service, namely, instant messaging. Over time, however, it has incorporated essential features to adapt to user needs and keep up with its competitors, such as Telegram, which has offered its users novelties that have eventually been implemented in WhatsApp.

Privacy Issues

One of the issues that arise with WhatsApp is related to user privacy. The double blue check is a feature that is beneficial to the user, but there are other aspects that are not. For instance, when a user contacts another person, the contact automatically knows the user’s phone number. This is not the case with the double blue check, so it is likely that this new feature will be included in the app by MetaHoldings. This is one of the most anticipated updates in the most widely used instant messaging service.