This Is Why You Should Always Carry Toothpaste In Your Car’s Glove Box

The Benefits of Carrying Toothpaste in Your Glove Box

You may be surprised to know that having toothpaste in your car can be beneficial for more than just your oral hygiene routine. Discover the trick that can help you when you drive in the rain.

What to Store in Your Glove Box

The glove box in your car is not just meant for storing gloves, but it can also hold a variety of useful items for your journey. Learn what you can store in this small but valuable space.

In this compartment, you can store all sorts of small items, such as sunglasses, an insurance receipt, a first aid kit, fuses, a mobile charger, a flashlight, and other essentials. The DGT (General Directorate of Traffic) even released a list of documents that must be kept in the car, which can be requested by agents if you fail to follow the new regulations of the Traffic Law.

The Importance of Carrying Toothpaste in Your Glove Box

However, one item that should never be absent from your car’s glove compartment is a tube of toothpaste. Yes, as you read, having this product on you can get you out of trouble on the road, especially when it’s raining.


Carrying a tube of toothpaste in your car’s glove box can be a lifesaver when you are driving in the rain. It is also a great place to store a variety of other small items to ensure a safe and comfortable journey.