This mini external battery that attaches to your smartphone is only 15 € on sale

The Axneb Mini Power Bank: Fast Charging for Two Devices

When it comes to smartphone endurance, an external battery is the best solution. And if it comes in a convenient, compact size, it becomes even more desirable. The Axneb mini power bank is just such a device, small enough to fit into a pocket or purse, but powerful enough to charge two devices simultaneously.

A Price Reduction of 30%

The Axneb mini power bank is available at a great price on Amazon. Originally listed at 23.95 euros, it can now be purchased for 14.38 euros, thanks to a 30% coupon.


The Axneb mini power bank is an ideal solution for those looking for a small, portable device that can charge two devices at once. And with the 30% coupon offered on Amazon, it’s an even better deal.