This operator increases its mobile plan from 70 to 80 GB without changing the price

An Affordable 4G Mobile Plan with 80 GB of Data

If you’re looking for a mobile plan that won’t break the bank, Cdiscount mobile is currently offering an 80 GB 4G plan at an incredibly low price. For just 8.99 euros a month, you can get the plan without any commitment.

Virtual Operators Can Offer Affordable Prices

It’s not uncommon to find people who don’t want to pay more than 10 euros a month for a mobile plan. If you’re one of those people, then it’s worth checking out virtual operators, or MVNOs, as they often have new offers with large amounts of 4G data. Cdiscount mobile is one of those operators that are worth considering, as they are offering an 80 GB mobile plan for the same price as their 70 GB plan.

The Details of the Cdiscount Mobile Plan

Right now, the 80 GB 4G mobile plan from Cdiscount mobile is available for 8.99 euros a month, and it is non-binding. Additionally, the SIM card that comes with the package is now only 5 euros, instead of the previous 10 euros.


Cdiscount mobile’s 80 GB mobile plan is perfect for those who need a lot of data each month without having to pay a high price. With the plan costing just 8.99 euros a month, and the SIM card only 5 euros, it’s a great way to get a lot of data without paying too much.