This waterproof Bluetooth speaker with up to 24 hours of music crashes

Anker SoundCore 2 Model

The Anker SoundCore 2 model stands out for having the technology BassUp characteristic of the brand. This technology, combined with a port of serious spiraling, elevates lower notes to new levels while maintaining incredible intensity and sharpness.

Aesthetic Design

Aesthetically, the speaker is black in color with dimensions of 17.4 x 6 x 5.7 centimeters and weighs only 372 grams, making it easy to transport.

Sound Quality and Autonomy

When considering the sound quality and autonomy of the speaker, it should be noted that despite its size, it produces a powerful stereo sound of 12W. It also has a digital processor with dynamic range control that ensures a maximum distance of 66 feet. Furthermore, it has a battery life of 24 hours, making it suitable for long-term use.


In conclusion, the Anker SoundCore 2 model is a great choice for its sound quality, portability, and battery life. It is a great choice for those who are looking for a powerful yet compact speaker.