Tired of all the Scrolling? Here’s How You Can Scroll Automatically in Android

Due to the constant scrolling, reading through lengthy text documents, web pages, and e-books can be tiresome. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was a way to have the page automatically scroll? Fortunately, there is a way out. The Easy Scroll software automatically scrolls around your screen at regular intervals because of a new set of accessibility capabilities that were added to Android Nougat (7.0).

As the name implies, using Easy Scroll is simple. Simply provide it the ability to draw over other apps and the accessibility permission. The end of that. An automatic scrolling widget will now be shown on your screen by the programme. You can choose a scrolling speed between 1/10 and 1/6 screens per second. You can choose the applications yourself, or you can choose to allow the app display on any content with scrollable content.

Easy Scroll only functions on Android Nougat (7.0) and higher-powered devices since it requires the accessibility settings of the operating system.