Warden Is Now Live in Minecraft Snapshot and You Should Be Scared

Finally, the day has here! The Warden, Minecraft’s most anticipated mob of all time, has finally been released. It’s frightening, strong, quick, and unquestionably hazardous. Warden may end up being one of many players’ favourite bosses in the game if the final version 1.19 of Minecraft is released. That’s not all, though. In the most recent update, in addition to Warden, we also got a tonne of new content, including as new biomes, new blocks, and an entirely new enchantment. Let’s study everything there is to know about the Warden and the deep dark right now, then, shall we?

A Very Scary Minecraft Snapshot

In January 2022, the first Minecraft Bedrock 1.19 beta was made available by the developers. The Java edition players have been anticipating their share of good news ever since, which was just delivered today. The Warden and the deep dark, among the majority of the features in the first snapshot, are only available in the Java edition. Players of Bedrock will have to wait one or two weeks to enrol in their beta programme. Users of the Minecraft Preview can anticipate receiving these features along with the Bedrock betas.

Note: According to the developers, everything in the official release, including the structures and mobs, is subject to change.

The Warden in Minecraft 1.19: Everything We Know

The Warden is the first blind mob in Minecraft, and it only exists in the deep dark biome, which provides it many unfair advantages. Here is what we know about the most terrifying mob in Minecraft:

  • Warden depends upon sounds and vibrations to find its enemies. It detects player movements as well as projectiled objects even if they don t touch the Warden directly. You can fool it by throwing projectiles in directions away from you.
  • If a player is sneaking or hiding, the Warden can detect them by smelling.
  • If the Warden can t detect your presence and isn t angry for 60 seconds, it despawns.
  • In the deep dark biome, there can be multiple Wardens in Minecraft. Each one of them spawns as soon as a Sculk Shrieker alerts them about you.
  • Raising the stakes, the Warden removes players shields when it attacks them with its fists. So, two hits and you will be back to your spawn point in no time.
  • Warden is angered by vibrations and attacks. The angrier the Warden gets, the louder its heart beat becomes.
  • Finally, the Warden doesn t drop any loot when killed and the Sculk Shriekers can summon multiple Wardens.

Warden s Darkness Effect

The new darkness effect is one of the Warden’s primary power moves. This effect lowers the gamma and brightness of Minecraft, as the name would imply. Additionally, once infected, players must endure brief periods of intense darkness during which even light sources nearly disappear.

Darkness Effect- with (R) and without (L) night vision

Even a Potion of Night Vision is ineffectual against the fog effect of darkness, so you can still combat it. Even with night vision, you won’t be able to see past your piece even if the blocks around you will be considerably brighter. So, your best chance is to always have many torches with you.

Deep Dark Cave Biome in Minecraft 1.19

The deep dark is a brand-new biome in Minecraft 1.19 and is home to the Warden. It is darkly lit and largely built of sculk and deep slate blocks. In this habitat, aggressive monsters typically don’t spawn. Typically, this biome spawns below Y=10 block height.

Ancient City

The new building known as the ancient city is located within the dense darkness. Similar to the nether stronghold, but more darker, is this place. A variety of chests can be found here, but they are all defended by sculk senors and shriekers, which in Minecraft can summon the Warden. In this region, there is also a new block called Reinforced Deepslate. You cannot obtain it in the survivor game mode, and it is an impenetrable block akin to bedrock.

Swift Sneak Boots Enchantment

Last but not least, we have a brand-new entry for the list of enchantments in Minecraft. Swift Sneak is a boot enchantment connected to the Warden that enables you to move more quickly while crouching. Although you are still slower than the warden, your prospects of survival are now better. It only appears in chests that spawn in ancient cities and has three tiers. Additionally, this enchantment cannot be combined with any other boot enchantment.

How to Download the Deep Dark Snapshot

Since the snapshot is experimental, your launcher won’t immediately download it. Therefore, you must download the update’s zip file from this link. To instal the snapshot, unpack it and place it in your Minecraft’s versions folder. Then, in order to run the 1.19 deep dark experimental snapshot-1, you must make a fresh installation in the launcher. Keep checking back as we finish up a quick guide to assist you with the installation.

Meet the Warden in Minecraft

More than ever, the Wild update is coming, and we are all prepared. The other eagerly awaited Mob Allay for Minecraft 1.19 should also be available soon. Are you apprehensive or eager to encounter the Warden in Minecraft for the time being? In the comments, please!