What Are Discord Threads and How to Use Them

Discord has begun pushing out its Threads capability for servers after revealing the feature a few months ago. Discord threads are a fantastic new feature to the well-liked communication software that was created to streamline conversations that easily clog channels. However, you could be uncertain about how to use it. Or maybe you’re interested in learning everything there is to know about Discord threads. In any event, we have put together a thorough guide that will show you how to build Discord Threads, what precisely they are, and much more.

What Are Discord Threads and How to Use Them: A Complete Guide (2021)

This manual is broken down into parts that cover a variety of topics, including how to moderate, archive, and initiate new Discord discussions. Some of the most frequent queries you might have concerning the feature have been addressed by us. So let’s get started right away.

What Are Discord Threads and What Do They Do?

If you frequently use Discord, you are already aware of how easily one chat can develop into seven others. And before you know it, the entire channel is inundated with messages covering a wide range of unrelated subjects. Discord threads are specifically designed to address this issue.

Discord threads are, to put it simply, a quick way to quickly generate a separate feed for any such chats without creating a new channel. The Discord thread will be part of that channel’s actual domain but will be a separate location where users may discuss a specific subject. Discord threads can be simply removed once the topic has run its course. Think of them as a channel inside a channel. Don’t worry if that sounds perplexing; we experienced the same thing first. You will, however, realise how simple it is after you learn how to make Discord threads.

Discord threads can be handy when several individuals are chatting over one another but no one is paying attention. So you can instantly start a Discord post if you have groups of friends who want to discuss whether Penne is the best kind of pasta. It switches the discussion to that topic so that the channel may keep gushing about how awesome Batman is. The thread automatically archives itself once it has finished and is idle. It seems helpful, doesn’t it? So let’s find out how to make Discord threads.

Is Discord Threads Feature Free to Use?

All users on a Discord server are free to utilise and chat in Discord threads. This feature has been planned for some time by Discord, and it will eventually be implemented. While using Discord threads is free, users can access some paid features if they have a Discord Nitro subscription (more on that below).

Do I Need Any Permissions to Use Discord Threads?

You will need a few permissions from the server you wish to use in order to create or participate in Discord threads. Choose one of these under Server Settings -> Threads based on what you want to do:

  • Use Public Threads This permission will allow you to create and chat in Threads that are open to all members. If this permission has been disabled for you, you can only respond to existing threads.
  • Use Private Threads If a thread is locked to only a few members, this permission will grant you access to create and communicate in private Discord threads.
  • Manage Threads This permission grants you Discord threads moderation rights. You will be able to rename and delete Discord threads among more permissions.
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How to Create Discord Threads

On a server s channel, you can now generate threads using one of two approaches. To create threads, adhere to the procedures below:

Method 1: Using the New # Symbol

1. Hover your cursor over a message in a Discord server channel. A new # symbol labelled “Create thread” will appear.

2. A menu will appear on the right, allowing you to name your thread and modify the inactivity time. If you don’t have a Nitro subscription, your options are 1 hour or 24 hours. Click Create Thread to begin a conversation now.

And there you have it—a live thread you built! By visiting the same channel at any time and clicking on it, you can access the newly generated thread. With no need to worry about the main channel getting cluttered, feel free to message and talk with other users. If you get into trouble, look at the GIF below. Photo Credit: Discord

Method 2: Using the + Symbol in the Message Box

Use this approach in its place if you can’t find the # symbol hovering over messages in a channel to start a new thread.

1. Select the + sign next in the message box and navigate to the channel you wish to start a thread in.

2. From this point, select the Create thread option to bring up a new menu that like the one shown above.

3. You can now modify the thread’s settings, including its name, the length of time since last activity, and more. You also need to enter a beginning message because this is a new thread. When finished, click the Create thread button.

You now have a live Discord topic, congrats! You may even change certain additional settings in it, depending on your rights.

How to Find Existing Discord Threads (Active or Archived)

There may be instances when you lose track of every thread that is now active in the channel because threads are likely to be mutual among every user on your server. Fortunately, it’s simple to locate already-created threads. To do this, adhere to the procedures below:

1. Enter the channel where the threads are being formed. Click the thread discovery button icon in the channel’s upper right corner.

2. After that, a dropdown window will appear. There is a list of all active and archived threads here for your perusal. To access any of the topics, click on it.

On your Discord server, you can use the methods mentioned above to find new topics or rejoin an existing one. Any thread started or archived on a channel can be found with ease.

How to Join an Active Discord Thread

It is possible to manually join a thread that you are not currently a part of. The steps are as follows:

1. Enter the channel where the thread is located. On the channel window’s top right, click the icon that reads.

2. From the menu pane, select Other Active Threads and then select the thread you want to join.

Photo Credit: Discord

3. Open the topic by clicking on it, then click the Join icon to begin a discussion.

How to Leave Discord Threads

Photo Credit: Discord

You won’t be able to join a thread that has been marked secret, though, unless the members themselves add you.

Want to exit a Discord thread’s ongoing discussion because you’re becoming tired of it? All right. Leaving a Discord thread is simple. This is how:

How to Archive Discord Threads Manually

1. Click the ellipsis button in the thread’s upper right corner.

2. From the dropdown menu, find and clickLeave thread, and you are done. There isn’t a confirmation box to click. Simply click and leave.

A Discord thread is set to archive itself automatically once the conversation dies down and the thread becomes inactive. However, you might want to archive a thread to get it out of the way right away. Follow the steps below to archive a Discord thread manually:

1. Open the thread you want to archive.

2. Click the ellipsis (three-dot) icon on the top right of the thread to open a dropdown menu. Then, select theArchive threadoption.

How to Unarchive Discord Threads

3. You have successfully archived your chosen thread. It will be kept out of the way but can still be found under the archived threads section. Click theThreadsicon at the top-right of the channel and switch to the Archived tab to find your thread.

If you don t want to go through this trouble, let the thread follow the inactivity period rule you had set while creating the thread and let it archive itself.

Now that you know how to access archived Discord threads, follow the steps below to learn how to unarchive them:

1. Go to the channel the archived thread exists in.

2. Click the # symbol that denotes thethread discoverybutton on the top right, next to the notifications icon in the channel.

3. From the dropdown window that opens, move to theArchivedtab. Here you will see a list of threads archived by you or other members in your Discord server.

4. Next, click on a thread, followed by a click on theUnarchivebutton at the top of the thread.

How to Delete Discord Threads

Note:Discord threads archived by moderators can only be unarchived by them.

Alternatively, you can send a fresh message in the thread. If it hasn t been archived by a moderator, it will automatically unarchive itself.

While archiving threads are an easy way to get them out of the way, there are times you might want to delete them and start fresh. While that is possible, remember thatonce you delete a thread, you cannot get it back. So if you still want to delete a thread, follow the steps below:

1. Open the thread you want to delete. Click theellipsis(three-dot) icon at the top right, and a dropdown menu will open up.

How to Moderate Discord Threads

2. Then, select theDelete threadoption from the list and click it once again on the confirmation box that appears.

That s it. You have deleted the chosen Discord thread. As mentioned above, you cannot recover it now. So if you want to discuss the same topic once again, you are better off creating a new thread with the same title.

Discord understands that with great features come great responsibilities. So in order to make the management of threads easier, you will getthree new permissionsthat we have discussed above. However, to save you a few seconds of scrolling, here they are again. Image Courtesy: Discord

Do Threads Benefit from Server Boosting via Discord Nitro

Depending on the amount of freedom you want to give your members, these are the permissions a server moderator can adjust. While thePublic Threadspermission grants users the ability to respond to threads, theManage Threadsis the holy grail that gives them even greater power.

  • Level 1 Perk Members who have their servers boosted to Level 1 will be able to choose a maximum inactivity period of three days before threads are archived.
  • Level 2 Perk Members with servers boosted to Level 2 will be able to select a maximum inactivity period of one week before threads are archived. Moreover, users in a level 2 server can also create and use Private threads, something free users cannot do.

I Can t See Discord Threads!

Because of the new permissions, Discord has even made it possible to combine other permissions like Send Messages in the channel with threads. To learn more about the moderating options for Discord threads, visit the Discordsupport page right here.

Yes, they do. Since Discord is now gearing up to go against the likes of Slack, it makes sense for the company to monetize new features while providing some access to its free users. However, if you are a Discord Nitro subscriber, you will get some extra perks while using Discord Threads. Here s how the company describes them:

Better Manage Conversations with Discord Threads

If you can t see Discord threads on your server, that s perfectly normal. Discord has announced that threads are only rolling out to 10% of servers and the performance is being monitored. If you run a community server, you will see a Threads Early Access option in the Server Settings. You can head there and click on Enable Threads to try the feature.