What does it mean that WhatsApp allows you to put usernames and why is it so important to you?

The Latest WhatsApp Update: What Does It Mean For You?

WhatsApp is constantly evolving and has recently announced the introduction of usernames. The latest beta update for Android includes a field in the app profile where users can choose a custom nick.

What Do Usernames on WhatsApp Mean?

This new feature resembles the way people communicate on most social networks such as Instagram. Although the details are still unknown, it is clear that the use of usernames will have a significant impact on the way we connect and communicate on the platform, and it will significantly increase our privacy.

The Benefits of Usernames

The most relevant change brought by usernames is that users no longer have to share their phone numbers or QR codes when connecting with someone. Instead, they can use the username to communicate. This will make it easier to connect with people, as well as providing an additional layer of security and privacy.


The introduction of usernames on WhatsApp is a major step forward in terms of security and privacy. It will make it easier for users to connect with each other, while also providing an additional layer of protection. This is an important update and it is worth considering if you want to stay safe while using the platform.