What is a Roblox Slender and Who Created It?

The unsettling Slender Man first gained internet fame more than ten years ago. It has performed a range of functions in the gaming world, from frightening children to invoking Roblox horror games. Now, though, it’s making a reappearance as a distinctive fashion statement in one of the most well-known video games ever created. You must understand what a Roblox Slender is and how to get the most out of this in-game character if you don’t want to miss out on this trend. With that said, let’s explore the Roblox Slender universe.

Roblox Slender: Explained (2022)

The in-game settings for Roblox allow you to use all the features and options we discuss in this guide. However, you should use Roblox Studio in its place if you want to take your character well beyond its capabilities.

What is a Roblox Slender?

Slenderman from the 2018 Movie

Slender in Roblox refers to players that dress their characters in an anarcho-punk manner and have exceptionally tall frames. The majority of the time, Roblox Slenders have a male body type, however female Slenders are also rather common.

These players, who frequently have long hair, attempt to imitate Slender Man’s extended form and dark dress style. But in order to stand out, they incorporate aspects of their personalities in addition to exactly replicating Slender Man’s appearance.

Who Created Slenders in Roblox?

The origin of the Slender avatar in Roblox remains a mystery, much like its inspiration. But when streamers and content producers began using this avatar in their posts, the Slender craze really took off.

If we were to get into the technicalities, the Roblox community theorises that a player going by the handle of 3bwx developed the Slender trend in an effort to acquire popularity and eclipse the Ro Gangsters trend. Others, however, assert that the player TheNarrowGate was the one who initially built the Slender avatar and established the trend when others began to imitate them.

Not only that. Another player name that comes up in the conversation is KhandyParker, who used the Roblox Slender character before it became widely known, and SharkBlox (according to a Reddit thread).

Different Body Types in Roblox

Prior to learning how to construct and personalise your Roblox character to resemble a Slender Man, you must be aware of the many body kinds available in the game. If you frequently play the game, you may already be familiar with the game’s two primary body types:

  • R6: Classic blocky body made up of cubes and cuboids
  • R15: Realistic body with human-like features

Only a little amount of customization is possible for the limbs, torso, and head in the R6 body type. However, R15 enables you to edit all of your limbs’ moveable and animatable components. With that in mind, it should be obvious that the R15 is the ideal body type for making your own Roblox Slender character.

You will therefore have your Slender Man ready in no time if your R15 body conforms to the characters mentioned in the following section.

Characteristics of Roblox Slender

To transform your Roblox body into a Slender, set it up as follows:

  • Height: 105%
  • Width: 100%
  • Head: 100%
  • Proportions: 0
  • Body Type: 100%

If you need a short instruction on how to customise your Roblox character, check our linked guide. Additionally, some Roblox versions lack number toggles and sliders. You must align the slider there as seen in the following screenshot:

The body of your character should be as tall and lean as feasible. Once the body is prepared, you must then put on the appropriate apparel and accessories to finish the look. The following accessories are recommended:

  • Plain Black Shirt
  • Plain Black Pants
  • Black High-Wested Sweats
  • Stitch Face
  • Short Layered Hair

Create Your Roblox Slender Man Avatar Today

Now that you have that, you are prepared to make your own Slender Roblox character and join the ranks of the greatest Roblox characters ever. Additionally, you ought to try out the avatar in Roblox VR on Quest 2 if you’re having guests over. But only until you’ve established your own personal style. So, what style do you prefer for your Roblox Slender? Tell us in the remarks section below!