What Is Microsoft Edge Secure Network and How to Use It

Edge Secure Network, a new security feature akin to a VPN for its Edge browser, is now being tested by Microsoft. In particular whether you are connected to public networks in a cafe, restaurant, airport, or other public areas, this new function promises to provide a secure browsing experience. In this article, we’ve outlined what Edge Secure Network is and how you can use Microsoft Edge to test out this free VPN service right away.

Microsoft Edge Secure Network Explained (2022)

What Is Microsoft Edge Secure Network?

With the help of Microsoft’s Edge Safe Network, the Edge browser now offers secure web browsing. The function, which was developed in collaboration with Cloudflare, hides the IP address of your device, encrypts your data, and routes it through the nearest Cloudflare server to your location. Microsoft’s Edge browser has a free VPN service, much like other well-known browsers like Opera and Firefox.

Edge Canary builds 104 and later currently support the Edge Secure Network. Microsoft is providing free 1GB of monthly capacity to consumers as part of the early preview so they may test out the feature. When the feature hits Edge’s stable version, we might anticipate seeing additional new options with greater data caps that are possibly locked behind a subscription.

Additionally, in order to use the VPN capability, the browser demands that you sign in with your Microsoft account. You can follow the instructions below to test out the feature before it is released to the stable channel.

Enable Microsoft Edge Secure Network on Edge

Although we are using Edge Canary to demonstrate the procedures, it is crucial to note that they will largely stay the same in the stable release as well. Let’s now learn how to make your Edge browser enable this feature:

1. Start by downloading Microsoft Edge Canary from this link into your PC. Click on the horizontal three-dot icon in the top-right corner of Edge Canary after it has opened. Choose Settings at the bottom of the list of choices to display the Edge settings.

2. Next, choose the Appearance tab from the left sidebar and turn on the Secure network (VPN) button toggle to use your Edge browser to access the Cloudflare-backed VPN service.

3. The secure network icon will now be shown in both the settings context menu and the toolbar next to the address bar. Edge Secure Network can be enabled or disabled by clicking the symbol.

How to Use Edge Secure Network in Microsoft Edge Browser

1. To test the Edge secure network, click the Try Now button after selecting the secure network icon in the toolbar. You must sign into your Microsoft account in order to access the secure network at this time, as was already indicated.

2. That concludes it! Your Edge browser’s secure network protection is enabled. The progress bar in the Edge Secure Network pop-up menu lets you see how much of your 1GB monthly data allotment has already been consumed. If you change your mind, you can disable Edge’s secure network by turning off the Secure Network protection option.

3. The Edge Secure Network conceals your IP network, as was already mentioned. Here’s a comparison of my IP address’s location between the times I enabled Edge secure network on my browser and before. The Edge secure network functionality obscured my IP address and displayed an approximation of my position as opposed to the initial result, which showed my location to be practically exact. Edge Secure Network (Right) vs. No Edge Secure Network (Left) (Right)

Try Edge Secure Network on Microsoft Edge

When using open Wi-Fi networks, you can use Edge’s secure network as a handy security measure. Although the 1GB monthly cap is small, we still wish Microsoft would provide greater bandwidth in time for the stable release. Nevertheless, don’t think of this function as a replacement for a typical VPN because a VPN offers more privacy options, such as the choice of your own virtual location. Check out our listings of the best VPNs for Windows and the best VPNs for Android and iOS if you’re looking for a new VPN.