What is Minecraft Adventure Mode – Explained!

Over the years, there have been several theories and secrets involving Minecraft. But the unbeatable Minecraft Adventure Mode is a hidden feature that most players are still unaware of. It contradicts all that Minecraft represents. In this mode, you cannot craft, place, build, or freely explore, and you cannot beat it without the ideal seed and ideal skills. However, as a Minecraft player, winning the game shouldn’t be your top aim. The Minecraft Adventure mode has a lot to offer in light of that. There is a lot to learn about how it differs from survival mode and how to use it to your advantage. So let’s learn everything there is to know about Minecraft’s Adventure Mode right away.

Minecraft Adventure Mode: Everything You Need to Know (2022)

As of 2022, Minecraft has game modes for survival, creativity, hardness, spectatorship, and adventure. The popular Adventure mode, which is present in almost all Minecraft editions and alters the game’s fundamental mechanics, is the one that we will examine in this tutorial. So, keep in mind that this game mode was designed to maximise the use of custom maps, and that utilising it in randomly generated worlds produced using the best Minecraft seeds might not be the wisest course of action. To learn how, keep reading.

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What Is Minecraft Adventure Mode?

Adventure Option is, to put it simply, a game mode in Minecraft that lets players create their own unique maps or play on maps created by others with a focus on missions and stories. There are no quests in the default version of Minecraft, and any block can be broken and used. However, in Adventure mode, it is not the case. In this game mode, some of the blocks can only be broken and require particular equipment, whereas other blocks cannot be broken.

Technically speaking, this mode limits a player’s ability similarly to Survival Mode. Only blocks with a CanDestroy NBT tag can be destroyed. These are the data tags that are used to apply properties to entities, blocks, and tools. So the days of breaking tree trunks with your bare hands are long gone. Similar to this, a CanPlaceOn NBT tag is required when adding blocks if you want to have things appear in the world.

Next, there is the issue of crafting. Thankfully, you can still create things in Adventure mode as you normally would despite a more rigid destruction system. We’ll discuss how different Adventure Mode is from the other game types later on in this essay. The mob attacks, villager trade, and Redstone on/off procedures will continue to work as they do in standard Minecraft for the time being.

Because Adventure mode is typically played on custom maps, the restrictions on breaking or adding blocks eliminate the possibility of a map being ruined by player actions. By activating the worldbuilder ability set, players using the Bedrock version of Minecraft—as opposed to the Java version—can alter this. As a result, the intended gameplay experience may be ruined, hence we do not advise doing this.

What Is the Aim of Adventure Mode?

First of all, up until this point, Minecraft has been one of the most successful video games ever. Second, it competes with games across all genres. Now, Adventure Mode looked to be the only way to compete with such a broad audience. It eliminates the typical capacity to challenge players into fairly unique circumstances through world construction and exploration. As long as you keep an open mind, there are countless opportunities for adventure, from battling zombies to breaking out of jail.

In contrast to a regular Minecraft game, Adventure Mode requires you to solve particular objectives in order to advance farther along your trip once you spawn. Yes, you may always decide to just hang out and ignore the missions since it’s Minecraft. But what attracts gamers to this mode is the opportunity to participate in a distinctive mission-based system.

How to Turn on Adventure Mode in Minecraft

It’s time for you to try Adventure mode out for yourself before we continue to make promises about it. So launch Minecraft and take the following actions:

1. Choose the Singleplayer option from the home screen. Although you can use Adventure Mode in multiplayer, this guide will only cover offline play.

Now, by default, Minecraft does not allow you to construct an adventure-themed world. We need to enable cheats for you to turn it on in-game. We’ll start by making a cheatable environment. Decide to choose Create New World.

3. The rest of the settings can then be left as they are, but be sure to select Allow Cheats to turn it ON.

Once you’ve done that, you may click Create New World to produce a Minecraft world with cheats enabled.

4. There is yet another method to enable cheats for individuals who are playing in an established environment. Click the Open to Lanoption while holding down the ESC or pause keys. The Allow Cheats option can then be activated by clicking on it.

5. It’s time to switch the Minecraft game mode after allowing cheats in an old or new world.

Difference Between Minecraft Game Modes

Open the conversation menu to enable Adventure Mode. The/key can be used by PC users to access it. Users of consoles will have a special icon or button to access chat features. Enter or the action key after typing “gamemode adventure” in the chat window.

Four Tips for Surviving in Minecraft Adventure Mode

If the initial command doesn’t function on some versions of the game, you may need to input /gamemode an or /gamemode 2. And that’s basically it. You’ve successfully enabled Minecraft’s Adventure mode.

Read the Instructions

In this sandbox game, you may now test out the Adventure Mode. However, as you can see when you move over, there are other game types available in Minecraft. The logical follow-up question from many of you is what distinguishes Minecraft’s adventure, survival, and extreme modes. Here are the differences between each of the Minecraft game modes: Creative SurvivalAdventure SpectatorHardcore Unrestricted mining and crafting Mining and crafting as usual Almost no Mining or Crafting Nothing to mine or make Mining and crafting as usual Unlimited Food & Health Health & Food Bars in general Health & Food Bars in general Unlimited Food & Health Health & Food Bars as Usual Plus an Experience Bar Mobs are passive, yet you can still kill them. normal mob spawning and combat Typically, custom enemies spawn. Can’t interact with mobs in any way. Mobs spawn and battle normally, but players don’t respawn.

Find Villages for Resources

It could be challenging to get used to Adventure Mode in Minecraft if you’ve never played it before. Fortunately, we have some advice to make it easier for you to adjust. To increase your odds of surviving in Adventure Mode, abide by these:

Get Some Sleep to Avoid Mobs

You’re probably going to use Adventure mode on a custom map. The designers of these maps give a tonne of instructions and hints on them. Reading is a crucial aspect of surviving in Minecraft because there aren’t any unique cutscenes or side characters. It can also be helpful to use the guides that are included with those unique maps.

Collect Items and Make a Base

Villages are a secure sanctuary for players in adventure mode because they are stocked with food, crates, and helpful traders. If you’re fortunate, you’ll also encounter an iron golem to guard you while travelling. Players on a map that was generated at random should locate a village before activating Adventure mode. In this game mode of Minecraft, a crafting table would be one of your best buddies. Therefore, if at all feasible, avoid choosing a hamlet without a crafting table house.

Best Custom Maps for Minecraft Adventure Mode

The next best thing after locating a settlement is to retire to sleep, unless you have nighttime missions that require you to be outside. With fewer hazardous mobs present throughout the day, you can continue your arduous exploration. You may access the bed in the majority of villagers’ homes by right-clicking on it.

1. The Mystery of Herobrine

Official Screenshot

The materials you gather in adventure mode are essential to living. Everything is vital and in short supply, including food, blocks, and tools. You must therefore create a set site with chests to store all of your amassed resources in order to get the most out of them. Hopefully, that should be simple enough with a village nearby and a decent place to sleep.

2. Mysteria on Island Unknow

It’s time to play now that you are aware of what Adventure mode entails and how to activate it. As I have previously stated numerous times, creating custom maps is the key to getting the most out of Minecraft’s Adventure Mode. Thus, it only seems fair to compile a list of some of the top Minecraft adventure maps.

3. Terra Restore 2

Official Screenshot

This contains a number of maps based on the story of Herobrine. Boss battles, numerous plot turns, and explorable construction are all present. Download the first chapter of the series from here. Although it may be played with up to three players, the map was designed with a single player in mind.

Start Playing Minecraft Adventure Mode

In Mysteria, one of the most original Adventure mode maps, you begin on an arbitrary island and are led on your quest by an enigmatic voice. The player can investigate mysteries and hidden powers on the island, according to the passage. The map may be a little challenging for newcomers, but if you get the feel of it, you can expect a lot from it. The Mysteria on Island Unknown custom map is available for download right now.