What is Safari Landscape Tab Bar in iOS 15 and How to Use It on iPhone?

Even though iPhone users haven’t been overly complimentary of the revamped Safari browser in iOS 15, there are a few improvements that have caught my attention right away. While Tab Groups provide a better way to manage tabs, the Landscape Tab Bar on your iPhone makes it simpler to access all of your open tabs. It’s likely that you haven’t yet discovered this macOS-like functionality if you are still switching between websites by clicking the tabs icon and scrolling through the tabs. No need to worry, as we will describe Safari Landscape Tab Bar in iOS 15 and how to use it on your iPhone in this article.

How to Use Safari Landscape Tab Bar on iPhone

What is Safari Landscape Tab Bar in iOS 15 and How It Works?

The tab bar in the macOS Safari browser served as the model for the iOS 15’s Landscape Tab Bar functionality. When this option is turned on, Safari on iPhone displays a tab bar at the top of the screen, below the address bar. You may swipe among all open tabs or tap and switch between them effortlessly using the horizontal tab bar, just like you would on a Mac. This means that switching tabs while surfing in landscape mode on an iPhone no longer requires tapping the Tab symbol.

Safari tab bar on Mac
Safari Landscape Tab Bar in iOS 15

Additionally, the Landscape Tab Bar makes it simpler to discern between open tabs. The tab displays not just the website’s logo but also a section of its title. Additionally, a light grey highlight of the active tab is displayed separately. It is a practical implementation that will undoubtedly improve your browsing experience on your iOS 15-equipped iPhone.

If you enjoy the tab bar look in Safari on a Mac, you’ll probably enjoy it on an iOS 15 device as well. Let’s discover how to enable the Landscape Tab bar in Safari on the iPhone now that you are familiar with this practical function.

How to Enable/ Disable Safari Landscape Tab Bar on iPhone

1. Open the iPhone’s Settings app.

2. Next, select Safari by scrolling down.

3. Ensure that the Landscape Tab Bartoggle is activated under the Tabs menu.

The end! On your iOS 15 device going forward, Safari will display a distinct tab bar with all of the open tabs.

Use Safari Landscape Tab Bar to Switch Between Tabs Faster

When using your iPhone in landscape mode, Safari will automatically display the open tabs along the top of the screen if the Landscape Tab Bar functionality is enabled. Now, all you have to do to change between open tabs is swipe horizontally between them or tap the tab you want to utilise. Yes, it’s really that simple.

In the Landscape Tab Bar mode, it’s also much simpler to reorganise tabs. You may do this by long-pressing and holding on a tab. Then, just like on a Mac, you may drag it from where it is and put it in the desired location.

The open tabs will be displayed in a horizontally zoomed-out arrangement when you tap the Tab overview icon. Additionally, the search function allows you to easily search a particular tab and switch to it. Here are some screenshots of the new horizontal layout that we have attached:

Switch Between Tabs Faster in Safari on Your iPhone

You have it now! So that’s how you can use the iPhone’s Safari Landscape Tab Bar. The tab bar in iOS 15 is a nice addition since it will be essential to improving the browsing experience. The addition of extensions in Safari for iOS 15 caught my attention as someone who enjoys using them on the Mac. What do you think about the new landscape-oriented Safari tab bar design and other changes? Post your comments in the space provided below.