What Is the ‘i’ Icon on Apple Watch?

You may have occasionally seen the icon if you use an Apple Watch. It occasionally appears in the Watch app on the watch, and if you’ve been perusing Apple’s help website, you could have noticed a mention of it there as well. So what does the I icon represent? Today I’ll explain where to find, what the I icon is for, and when to use it.

Use the i Icon to Get Information

The Watch app on your iPhone contains the I icon, sometimes known as the icon. You may access the icon by tapping on the name of your watch in the app. Basically, tapping on this offers you access to additional features like Find My Apple Watch and the opportunity to unpair your Apple Watch as well as other details on the Apple Watch.

What is the i Icon on Apple Watch Pairing Screen

When you initially pair your Apple Watch with a new iPhone, you’ll also notice the icon there. You can manually pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone by tapping here.

  • Tap on Pair Apple Watch Manually on your iPhone as shown below.
  • On your watch, tap on the icon.
  • You will be shown a name for your Apple Watch, which will also show up on your iPhone. Tap on this name. Enter the six digit code that shows up on your Watch and that s it.

The next step is to continue configuring your watch with your Apple ID or, if you have a backup, to restore it.

What to Do If You Can t Find the i Icon?

Your Apple Watch might still be associated with an iPhone if you can’t find the I icon on it. This seems to be a common problem, as indicated by Apple’s support document. You will need to unpair your Apple Watch from either the iPhone or the watch itself in order to locate the symbol on it.

That’s all there is to know about the Apple Watch I symbol, then. Even if it doesn’t appear frequently, it’s still useful to understand what it means when it does. Anyway, I’ve done my best to cover every scenario and use-case you might encounter, but if you still run into a problem, let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to assist you.